Author: Oliver Wright

My name is Oliver Wright, and I am the owner and writer of the website My passion for lock picking and security started a few years ago when I first saw a video from the LockPickingLaywer. This sparked my interest in how locks worked and led me to start experimenting with different ways to open them. For a day job, I am a security professional. I decided to create as a platform to share my knowledge and experience with others. On the website, I write about a wide range of topics related to locks and security, including reviews of lock-picking tools, tutorials on different techniques, and articles on the latest security trends. I also share my own personal experiences and insights as a security expert. I am dedicated to providing accurate and valuable information to our readers and I strive to make complex topics easy to understand. We are constantly updating the website with new content to ensure that our readers are always informed about the latest developments in the field. I am proud of the reputation that my website has built and I am honored to be a trusted resource for so many people.