Author: Travis Him

Travis is an Automotive Locksmith from Melbourne Australia who brings his 10+ years of industry experience to the Lock Judge team. He has a wealth of experience using various code cutting machines, duplicators, OBD diagnostic programmers, and lock bypass tools - specializing in working with Japanese, Korean & his native Australian car security systems. He currently holds the office record for opening a Mazda CX-3 and decoding the lock in less than 38 seconds. Prior to joining the family locksmithing business he lived and taught English in Tianjin China and is conversationally fluent in Mandarin. Travis first became interested in lock picking as a child, watching re-runs of the Leslie Charteris series "the Saint" starring Roger Moore on Saturday afternoons with his father. He was fascinated by how the character could open locks just as fast as if he'd had the key - a skill that saved the hero's life on more than one occasion and it sparked a lifelong passion for understanding how locks work. When he's not studying for his upcoming certification in German Automotive systems (Audi, BMW, Mercedes & VW) Travis shares his knowledge through writing for industry publications, moderating and responding to technical support requests on several automotive security forums, and is a frequent contributor to several podcasts, including the LOCK SPORTCAST.