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19 Top Padlocks for Unbeatable Security

Whether you’re padlocking a locker at school, locking your trailer, or securing your bike, finding the best padlock is crucial. 

Padlocks are one of the most versatile locks on the market, but with so many high-quality options, you should choose the right one for you

Read on to learn about our best padlocks, what to look for when shopping for padlocks, and how we choose them.

3 Best Padlocks: Top of the pile

The best padlocks available on the market are all unique, providing you with a wide variety to choose from and ensuring you find the most suitable one for your needs.

In addition, we have ensured that each one has strong lockpicking resistance and doesn’t have any known bypasses.

Best Padlock Overall: ABUS Diskus 20/70

ABUS diskus 20/70

If you’re looking for the best padlock, look no further. This is the best general-use padlock we have come across.

The Abus Diskus padlock is perfect for almost any application because of its outstanding features. Its rounded body makes it hard to hold onto when cutting and difficult to break using a hammer.

It has a good quality locking core meaning that you need special tools and skills to pick this one open. While there are other cheaper locks out there, this one is sold at a reasonable price for the amount of security it provides. 

You can also get the hasp specially created for this lock*Paid Link that completely covers that shackle making this one extremely hard to cut into.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 4 stars CEN Padlock Security Rating 3 ASTM Grade 5 rating reddit lock picking brown belt lockpickinglawyer recommended lock bosnianbill recommended

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Best Cheap Padlock: Yale Y125/40

Yale Y125 40 padlock

Coming in at less than $10, this little lock is the best budget buy. It’s at a price point where many other locks have significant security issues. That said, we think this is a good level of security for the price you pay. 

Its strong laminated lock body and brass lock core (with five pins) give it a respectable level of pick resistance (an orange belt for pick resistance).

YALE Y125/40 is the perfect option for low-security applications (a gate, small garden shed, or locker). 

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 2 stars CEN Padlock Security Rating 2 reddit lock picking orange belt

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Most Versatile Padlock: Kwikset SmartKey Padlock

Kwikset SmartKey Padlock

If you want a general-use padlock that will keep your stuff safe that you can use anywhere, change the key easily, or create a keyed-alike set on the go, this is the padlock for you!

Kwikset Smartkey allows you to change the lock’s key easily with a unique tool. This means you can buy several of these locks and key them all alike. 

Even if you lose some of its keys or change them later, you can replace them quickly. This is a great feature that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This lock’s picking resistance and strength are also quite respectable. Our most versatile padlock will give some of the best lockpickers trouble because of its remarkable construction.

You can see why we give this lock the title of most versatile, as it is excellent for most applications.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 3 stars ASTM Grade 5 rating reddit lock picking purple belt lockpickinglawyer recommended lock bosnianbill recommended

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Best General-Use Padlocks

Here we have four of the best options for general-use padlocks. The locks we have below are perfect if you need a medium-sized general-use padlock for locking a box, securing a door, or any other medium-security application.

We have ordered them starting from the cheapest on top, but be sure to have a look at them all.

Good Quality: American Lock A5200D

American Lock A5200D padlock

American Lock A5200D is the cheapest in the general use category but is still a great choice. 

While it’s not the most secure lock out there, this lock has a green belt giving it just below-average picking difficulty. But with its solid steel body and boron steel shackle, American Lock A5200D is quite strong and will be good for most applications.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 3 stars ASTM Grade 6 rating reddit lock picking green belt

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Lightweight Padlock: PACLOCK UCS-2A

PACLOCK UCS-2A padlock

As PACLOCK says, this is the “jack-of-all-trades” lock and we agree. Perfect for medium-security applications like toolboxes, this lock is a workhorse that will go wherever you want.

With a 5/16-inch hardened stainless steel shackle, this lock is challenging to cut through. And with its 6-pin pick/bump-resistant lock core, this one will give even good lock pickers a challenge.

With the ability to be keyed alike with all PACLOCK’s other products, this lock is a perfect option for a handyman, tradesman, or anyone else who wants a range of locks that are all accessible with one key.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 3 stars reddit lock picking green belt

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Large Padlock: Stanley S828

Stanley S828 padlock

Stanley is another excellent general-use padlock at an affordable price. It has a Molybdenum steel shackle to sustain cutting attacks and a hardened steel body with shrouds to increase its cutting resistance further. 

Stanley S828 is as strong as it looks.

It also includes ball bearing locking to avoid shimming attacks and a 6-pin core full of security pins to ensure it won’t be picked easily.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 4 stars ASTM Grade 5 rating lockpickinglawyer recommended lock bosnianbill recommended

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High Security: Commando Lock Total Guard

Commando Lock Total Guard

Finally, we have the Commando’s Total Guard, another shrouded padlock that both the LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill have praised over the years. With large amounts of hardened steel covering its shackle and a laminated steel body, this lock will not be easy to break.

It also looks very cool (with its black and steel body). 

One of this lock’s most interesting features is that you need to turn the core twice to open the lock and remove its shroud. While this makes it a little harder to use, it will be a real pain for anyone trying to pick open the lock.

This is because if they manage to pick the lock open, they will find that the shackle is still attached and the shroud is still not removable. Therefore, they would need to pick the lock a second time to remove the shackle and shroud from what it is securing.

A random selection of security pins in the 5-pin cylinder means it can have up to 10 security pins, making this lock challenging to crack.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 4 stars ASTM Grade 5 rating lockpickinglawyer recommended lock bosnianbill recommended

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Best Combination Padlocks

Combination locks aren’t suitable options for high-security applications. However, they are fine on a gym locker or similar low-security applications but shouldn’t be used to secure your shed. 

All combination locks have a fatal flaw that is almost impossible to get around. However, if someone has enough patience, they will get into the lock by trying all the possible codes

Three hours is the maximum time it takes to try all 4-wheel combination padlock’s possible codes (10 000) and will most likely be around half of this time or less, depending on your code and where the thief starts. 

A 5-wheel combination lock has 100 000 possible codes, increasing the difficulty to around 30 hours to try them all.

Best Combination Padlock: ABUS 190CS/60

ABUS 190CS/60 combination padlock

This one is a beast, and that’s precisely why it’s on this list. It is likely that a thief will merely see this lock and give up because it looks like it’s going to put up a fight. 

It has a huge hardened steel body with an alloy shackle that will prevent people from cutting it. 

BosnianBill tested this lock, and he had trouble finding any weaknesses.

So physically speaking, this lock will not break, but as we mentioned above, if someone wants to sit there and try all the possible codes, they will get into this lock in under 3 hours. For this reason, we would not recommend using this lock in a remote place where a thief will have enough time to gain access.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 2 stars bosnianbill recommended

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Best General-Use Combination Padlock: Squire Vulcan Combi 60

Squire Vulcan Combi 60 combination padlock

Squire Vulcan Combi 60 is the way to go if you are looking for the best combination padlock that will not break the bank but also keep your gear safe. With 5-code wheels, a thief would be trying to open this combination lock for around 30 hours. 

It has a cast alloy body for extra strength and corrosion resistance and a strong steel shackle to put up a good fight against brute force attacks.

This is a great option to secure a gate on your property, for a locker holding valuable items, or for other low to medium-low security applications where you need easy access without a key.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 1 star bosnianbill recommended

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Best Cheap Combination Padlock: MasterLock 1500iD Speed Dial

MasterLock 1500iD Speed Dial combination padlock

MasterLock 1500iD Locker is the only MasterLock padlock we have on this list and the only lock on our list with a condition attached to it. This is an excellent combination lock if used correctly.

For a school locker or similar low-security scenarios, this is a great option. It allows you to remember a code of movements or colors which is perfect for those who don’t remember number codes very well.

IMPORTANT: You must use a 4-position code! Preferably use code from the factory. Do NOT set a code of fewer than four positions.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 1 star bosnianbill recommended

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Best Keyed Alike Padlock Sets

Keyed-alike padlocks are a must if you have a whole heap of things you want to keep secure. 

If you have a lot of equipment that needs to be secured individually or property with many gates you want to keep secure, having a set of padlocks that all use the same key is a godsend.

Cheap Keyed Alike Padlock Set: Abus 64TI/40 Titalium

Abus 64TI/40 Titalium padlock set

If you are looking for a set of padlocks for general use, this set of three Titalium Padlocks from Abus is perfect. They have a yellow lockpick belt ranking and are built by one of the best padlock manufacturers in the world.

While not particularly big, they are perfect for many applications. With their aluminum body, they are lightweight and easy to carry around; Perfect for toolboxes and portable storage like gun cases.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 2 stars reddit lock picking yellow belt lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

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Best Keyed-Alike Padlock: PACLOCK’s 90A Padlocks

PACLOCK 90A padlock

Paclock’s 90A Padlocks are a great choice for anyone that would like a set of keyed-alike padlocks. They are 40mm body padlocks making them super light and easily portable.

Paclock has a long history of producing quality security products, and these padlocks are no different. You can order as many of these padlocks as you like and have them all keyed alike for ease of access.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 3 stars ASTM Grade 3 rating

*Paid Links

Keyed Alike Padlock Set: SCHLAGE Round Padlock

SCHLAGE Round Padlock set

The Schlage Round padlocks are a higher-security option if you want pair of locks with a shared key. These are high-quality locks with a hardened steel body, double locking, and a 6-pin brass lock cylinder.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 3 stars lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

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Best High-Security Padlocks

For special items that demand the best security, like a boat on a trailer, or an expensive motorbike, or for securing your garage or shed full of fun stuff, high-security padlocks are vital.

While high-security locks are more expensive than their medium-security brothers, they are worth it. So in this category, the idea that bigger is better is accurate.

Best High-Security Padlock: ABUS Granit 37/80

ABUS 37RK/80

One of the highest security consumer padlocks on the market is the ABUS Granit 37/80. This lock is one of the best padlocks you can use. 

You’ll find it difficult to get a padlock with a similar level of security to this lock and at a similar price.

Coming in with a brown belt in pick resistance, this lock is a heavyweight that only an experienced lockpicker with the right tool will have a slight chance of getting into

With 2.4 lbs of hardened steel, this lock is an absolute beast.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 5 stars CEN Padlock Security Rating 5 reddit lock picking brown belt lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

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Budget-Friendly High-Security Padlock: Squire Stronghold 50mm CS

Squire Stronghold 50mm CS padlock

Look no further if you need something top-of-the-line but don’t want to break the bank. Squire has an excellent reputation for producing high-security products, and this lock is no different. 

Squire Stronghold 50mm CS is the smaller brother of the famous Stronghold SS80CS and SS100CS padlocks that the LockPickingLaywer and BosnianBill used high-powered rifles to shoot at until they broke in. 

It is built in the same way, with the same materials, and has a lock core. It even has a CEN 3 security rating. So rest assured, despite its low price, this lock doesn’t compromise on strength. 

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 5 stars CEN Padlock Security Rating 3 lockpickinglawyer recommended lock bosnianbill recommended

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Highest-Security Padlock: Mul-T-Lock C-Series #10 MT5+

Mul-T-Lock MT5+ #10 C-Series

Now for the top dog! This is the one if you want a lock for securing your gold bars. 

Mult-T-Lock has created one of the biggest, baddest locks out there, with an attractive price. 

Red belt picking resistance, a hardened steel body, hardened boron alloy steel shackle,10-telescopic-pin-core, UL437 high-security drill, pick and bump resistant cylinder, and solid brass lock core; are just some of the features that this lock has going for it.

So if you need the absolute max in security, look no further.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 5 stars CEN Padlock Security Rating 2 reddit lock picking red belt bosnianbill recommended

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Best Weatherproof Padlocks

If you want a lock for your boat, a power box outside your house, or to lock up a machine that regularly gets very dirty, then you want a weatherproof lock. These locks are great because they can be used in any situation without you worrying that the environment will affect them.

This is especially important if you have something that you will need to secure reliably and fast in a location where the environment is not particularly friendly.

Best Weatherproof Padlock: PACLOCK UCS-3S

PACLOCK UCS-3S padlock

If you want the best in weather-proof and strength, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel. Although it’s not the cheapest weatherproof padlock material, it is simply the best! 

Paclock UCS-3S is super high in strength and has incredible resistance to weather. Again, stainless steel is the way to go. 

With the ability to order many locks keyed alike Paclock offers a special feature here that few others have.

Its 6-pin high-security core means this lock will be a headache for most lockpickers to get into.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 2 stars

*Paid Links

Best General Use Weatherproof Padlock: Commando Lock Marine

Commando Lock premium Marine padlock

With a full-brass laminated body, the Commando Lock Marine is both strong and weather-resistant. 

Its rounded body also makes it harder to break using a hammer. As a result, commando Lock Marine can endure brute force attacks. The shackle is also a special steel alloy making it even harder to cut.

Commando Lock Marine is available as a single padlock and in packs of up to 12 padlocks.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 3 stars ASTM Grade 5 rating reddit lock picking green belt lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

*Paid Links

Cheap Weatherproof Padlock: ABUS 70IB/45 KD

ABUS 70IB/45 KD all weather padlock

With a brass lock body and core covered in plastic, this lock can last in the harshest environments. 

While it is not a high-security lock, it will still do for low-security applications. For example, ABUS 70IB/45 is perfect for power boxes in a marina and other low-security applications where you need a padlock that can handle anything thrown at it. 

It’s also quite cheap so buying a bunch of them will not be an issue.

Padlock Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 1 star CEN Padlock Security Rating 2 lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

*Paid Links

How We Choose Padlocks

Padlock on a fence

Most websites choose their best padlocks by finding the ones with the most sales, features, and reviews. However, we select padlocks very differently.

Our Methodology

We choose our padlocks based on the experience and feedback from the lockpicking community as well as tests, the experience of customers, and security certifications from lock security certification organizations around the world.

All this information allows us to find locks that guarantee high security with minimal weaknesses and for the best price

Lockpick Ratings from r/LockPicking

This lockpicking subReddit has a ranking system for locks that we also use to make decisions because this group of people is among the best lock pickers in the world. So we trust them to know what locks are best and what ones have some terrible flaws.

history of locks

Lockpicking Community Experts

We also include input from lockpicking community experts like LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill

We are highly regarded in the community and quite enjoy letting everyone know when a lock doesn’t do what it claims to do or has fatal flaws that make it useless.

PRO TIP: You can also look at the locks that LockPickingLawyer recommends.

So, without further ado, let’s look at our best padlocks for security!

Padlock Features

Padlocks come with many different features and are made from a wide variety of different materials. These different combinations of materials and features will determine which option will give you the best lock for your situation. 

This is why knowing what to look for is essential. 

To find the best padlock for you, you want to get an affordable one with all of the following features:

  • Pick resistance: Pick resistance is how well a lock can resist a lockpicker trying to gain access to the lock. This is shown by the belt rating the lock has been rated by r/lockpicking
  • Bypass resistance: Bypassing a lock is where you can use a defect in the lock to open it without needing to open it at all. It can be done by pushing something inside the lock, hitting it with a hammer, or using a magnet to move something inside the lock, opening the lock. Unfortunately, this is a significant risk, and many locks on the market have bypass-resistance issues.
  • Resistance to brute force and cutting: If a lock can be cut open with a hacksaw, grinder, or even hammered open, it is not resistant to brute force. We found locks with superior brute force and cutting resistance and included them on our list of best high-security padlocks.

Let’s discuss padlock features in detail.

Cutting a padlock with bolt cutters

Padlock Core

A  padlock’s core is where the key goes and is the part that determines the lock’s resistance to picking. It also impacts the lock’s overall resilience. There are many different types of lock cores and they all contain different pins and tolerances. 

No two locks are exactly the same, and this is by design. But there are still consistent differences between many locks.

The Shackle

A padlock’s shackle is the main moving part on the top of the body. This is what you would use to attach it to something you want to secure. 

They come in different varieties, thicknesses, and materials. Usually, the thicker the shackle, the more secure the lock.

Padlock shackle construction comparison

Padlock Shackle Material

The shackle’s material is very important. It can range from hardened steel to stainless steel to more exotic varieties that are difficult to cut like, boron steel.

Shrouded vs. Unshrouded

A padlock’s shroud is a large amount of steel that surrounds and protects the shackle. It can either be attached or detached from the padlock’s body.

A shrouded padlock is much harder to cut, as the shackle is completely covered in a separate piece of metal that would also need to be cut through.

Padlock Body

Padlock bodies come in many shapes and sizes, from large solid alloy steel bodies to small laminated versions to rounded ones. Their materials have a significant effect on their security level, durability, and strength.

padlock body material

Breaking Strength

This is the most important padlock body feature. You want the padlock body to be as strong and durable as possible. 

For the highest strength, stainless steel and hardened boron steel are the best. 

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are used for locks that are meant to be lightweight.

Look for brass and stainless steel padlock bodies if you need your padlock to be weather resistant.

Drill Resistance

Finally, drill resistance is a feature many high-security padlocks have, as it’s not usually necessary for low-security locks. 

Drill resistance can be obtained in a number of ways: 

  • Anti-drill inserts are pieces of hard metal placed in the lock (in areas where someone would typically try to drill into the lock) to stop or redirect a drill bit.
  • The correct padlock body material plays an essential role in preventing drilling. Some materials are harder to drill than others.
  • The padlock’s body shape is also used to control how easily a padlock can be drilled into. Simply put, angles and round parts are much harder to drill into than flat faces.

So, keep an eye out for materials that are hard to drill, contain anti-drill elements, and have a complicated shape with curves and angles.

history of locks

Bottom Line

Finding the best padlock can be challenging because there are so many options out there. If you are reading this article, you must be interested in finding something that will give you a high level of security. Luckily for you, we have already found the best padlocks. 

If you want to know what locks the LockPickingLawyer recommends, you can find them here.

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