Trailer Hitch Locks

7 Best Trailer Locks: UNCUTTABLE and UNBREAKABLE!

Trailer hitch locks are undoubtedly a very very important lock to have. Apart from locks on your house or car, they are what will protect some of the most expensive things that you own

In our research, we have seen many other websites including Motor1, Forbes, AutoGuide, Etrailer, and Riverside Trailer. All these top-ranking websites you will find when looking for a trailer hitch lock are suggesting trailer hitch locks with laughable security that have been called out but BosnianBill and the LockPickingLawyer years ago.

Trailer locks

This is why we think it’s very important to get the best one for your needs and that it is secure enough for what you want it to do. Think of a trailer hitch lock like insurance, you pay more for this so that you don’t lose the boat or caravan worth, $10k, $50k, or more. 

There are many types of trailer coupler locks but most of them work by inserting something into the ball socket and having metal around the top and sides of the hitch to stop it from being removed. This is fine but there are many ways of achieving this, some more secure than others.

LockPickingLawyer Recommended Trailer Locks

The LockPickingLawyer has a number of videos where he assesses the security of various trailer locks, some he praises and says that he would use himself. But many are a display of the numerous failers that make them terrible products that should not be sold.

Look for the logo of the LockPickingLawyer next to each trailer lock to see his recommendations.

Trailer Hitch Locks

Here is the list of what we have found to be the best trailer locks on the market. Starting with the cheapest lock that we are comfortable recommending.

There are many other cheaper trailer locks that can be removed or broken within seconds. We will not feature them here as we believe that they are misleading and should not be sold as security products. You can see a list of trailer locks you SHOULD NOT BUY below.

Best Value – Bolt Off-Vehicle Trailer Lock

Bolt Off-Vehicle Trailer Coupler Lock

Bolt has tried something different with this lock and what they have come up with is a real winner. High-security with a low price.

They have simply used hardened plate steel for the main body of this trailer coupler lock. This is perfect as it means that the lock is extremely tough and very difficult to cut. This means it will not break off and will put up a decent fight against any cutting tools

The complete lock is two pieces, the hardened steel coupler lock and the pin lock that is actually just a bolt locking hitch pin.

The best feature of this lock other than its security is that you can key it to match your car key. You simply enter your car key, turn it and that’s all. This is the same with all bolt products and this really is an awesome feature that will ensure that you never forget the key.


Weight1.1 lbs / 0.5 kgs
Lock Core Bolt Plate Tumbler Sidebar (Keyable to use your car key)
MaterialHardened Steel
Fit2″ or 2-5/16″ ball


lockjudge best locks 4 stars

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Best Trailer Lock – Altor ICON Trailer Lock

history of locks

Altor is known for going big when it comes to locks, and this trailer lock is nothing different. Weighing in at 22 lbs / 10 kgs for the bigger model this is one of the beefiest trailer locks on the market.

Made of welded high-carbon steel you can easily see why this trailer lock is one of the best out there. It has huge fins that would take even the best grinder several minutes to cut through. This lock is not one that will give up in even the most dedicated of attacks.

“Good enough for almost all purposes, as for its physical prowess and resistance to brute force, simply put it’s one of the best you can buy”

The LockPickingLawyer

It also has a lock core with quite a good level of security. The disc-detainer lock core is the industry standard for high-security locks and it goes perfectly with this lock.

Update: Altor has updated the ICON trailer lock so that it will now fit almost any trailer coupler. So you are sure to find one that will fit your vehicle.

See the LockPickingLawyer review and pick this trailer hitch lock in his video number 1339.


Weight22lbs / 10kgs
Lock Core Pick resistant disc detainer
MaterialHardened cast steel
Fit2″ or 2-5/16″ ball


lockjudge best locks 5 stars lockpickinglawyer best

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Runner Up – AMPLock BRP-2 Trailer Lock

AMPLOCK-U-BRP2-Trailer-Coupler-Lock uncuttable trailer lock

Going with a similar tactic to the other quality trailer locks this one relies on pure size to make it impractical to attack with any kind of normal tools like a grinder or drill.

The body is made of a single piece of ductile cast iron. which means that it is more corrosion-resistant and overall stronger than normal cast iron. Being more ductile means that it will better resist basic attacks from a hammer to try and crack it. You could hit this all day and it will be no worse off.

The Ball and lock body inside is made of a large piece of stainless steel giving the body of the lock an extremely good resistance to drilling and cutting attacks. also being stainless steel it will last extremely well in any environment. If you were looking for one to survive in a harsh environment like at the beach or somewhere similar then this is the one you should go with.

The lock core is a disc-detainer meaning that it will be quite a challenge to pick for almost any thief, and on top of that, the core is on the bottom of the lock so you would have to lay on the ground to get a good look at it. this also means that drilling would be extremely difficult.

“One of the beefiest trailer locks I’ve ever seen”


See the LockPickingLawyer pick this one in his video number 1227.


Weight10lbs / 4.5kgs
Lock Core Pick resistant disc detainer
MaterialHardened cast steel
Fit2 5/16” coupler with a flat lip


lockjudge best locks 4 stars lockpickinglawyer best

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3rd Place – Proven Industries Trailer Coupler Lock

Proven Industries Trailer Coupler Lock

The Proven Industries lock here is a great option also for high-end trailer security. The other great thing about this trailer ball lock is that it has a changeable puck lock on the front. So if you find that you want to upgrade the lock or it’s damaged then it’s easy enough to change it over for another one.

With its huge body, this lock will put up to a lot of punishment from any kind of attack including cutting with an angle grinder.

While it is very unlikely that the lock will be picked seeing as it’s one that requires quite a bit of skill to pick. It could still be open to a drilling attack however this is very unlikely and is a highly skilled attack.

“One of the better trailer coupler locks currently in production”


See the LockPickingLawyer pick this one in his video number 901.


Weight10lbs / 4.5kgs
Lock Core Changeable puck lock with a pick-resistant lock core
MaterialWelded plate steel
Fit2-5/16″ ball coupler


lockjudge best locks 5 stars lockpickinglawyer best

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Honorable Mention – Maypole Stronghold SH5415 Hitchlock

Maypole Stronghold SH5415 Hitchlock

Made to completely cover the trailer hitch and bolts attaching it to the trailer this is a great option. It is also specially built to work with cast trailer hitches, so if you are one that has a cast hitch then this will be the one for you.

Being made completely of plate steel this lock would take quite some time to cut through even with an angle grinder. The locking pin is also made of thick steel and rotates to resist cutting and breaking.

One unique feature of this lock is that it can be installed while the trailer is attached to the vehicle. This feature is one that is impossible with most other locks as they take the place of the ball in the hitch. If you are looking for something to keep your trailer securely attached to your vehicle then this is the option for you. NOTE: The lock should not be attached while towing.

Rate by Sold Secure to their Gold standard for trailers this trailer hitch lock really is one that will perform well for you. With its compatibility for use in a number of situations including while the trailer is hitched, this is a great option for many people including horse floats that will be left unattended on the trailer for a long period of time.


Weight10lbs / 4.5kgs
Lock Core Pick resistant disc detainer
MaterialPlate Steel Casing


lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold

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Hitch Pin Locks

A common way that Trailers are stolen that many people don’t think about is by simply removing the receiver, that’s the square metal tube that goes into the body of the car. Then just attach it to another vehicle and drive away.

It is extremely easy to overlook this as something you should protect your car with but is defiantly something you should do. And now we have told you so don’t wait.

Best Value Hitch Pin Lock – Bolt Receiver Lock


Don’t let the price deceive you with this hitch pin lock, it is a very strong and secure option for a hitch receiver lock. With its big stainless steel pin, this lock will not corrode anytime soon. It will also provide quite a challenge for anyone to cut through, making this a very high-security product.

The Bolt receiver lock can be keyed-alike with the key from your car or truck making this a super convenient option. All other bolt products can similarly be keyed together so that you don’t have to carry any more keys to keep your trailer and all the gear in it safe.


Weight1.2 lbs / 0.5 kgs
Lock Core Bolt Plate Tumbler Sidebar (Keyable to use your car key)
MaterialStainless steel pin


lockjudge best locks 4 stars

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Best Hitch Pin Lock – PACLOCK’s TL80S-125

history of locks

Bosnian Bill reviewed these trailer locks from Paclock and praises them highly. He does this for good reason too as they are of great quality and provides some of the best security that you will get. you can see him test them out in this video.

With a big stainless steel pin that can be changed for others to suit your needs. Together with Paclocks re-keyable locks, you have a very versatile option that also includes some of the best security you can get your hands on.

Combining this lock with one of the trailer coupler locks above is one of the best combinations you can make for securing your boat or car trailer.


Weight1.7 lbs / 0.8 kgs
Lock Core SR high-performance pick/bump-resistant 6-pin lock cylinder
Material304 stainless-steel pin with an aluminum body


lockjudge best locks 4 stars bosnianbill recommended

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Worst Trailer Hitch Locks – NOT TO BUY!

In the table below we have put together a list of some of the worst Trailer locks on the market.

Please DO NOT BUY any of these locks!

They can all be broken, picked, and bypassed in seconds and would not put up much resistance to any thief.

Don’t Trust any of the locks below, and if you have one of these we strongly recommend you change it.

Trailer Hitch LockSecurity FlawProof of Security Flaws
Reese Towpower Coupler LockReese Towpower Coupler LockTerrible lock core, weak lock body, and easily bypassableBosnianBill Video 1026
LockPickingLawyer Video 665
MasterLock 389DAT Trailer Coupler LockMasterLock 389DAT Trailer Coupler LockTerrible lock core, weak lock body, and easily bypassableBosnianBill Video 1532
MasterLock 379ATPY Trailer Coupler LockMasterLock 379ATPY Trailer Coupler LockTerrible lock core, weak lock body, and easily bypassableBosnianBill Video 1532
LockPickingLawyer Video 665
MasterLock 377 Trailer Coupler LockMasterLock 377 Trailer Coupler LockTerrible lock core, weak lock body, and easily bypassableBosnianBill Video 1037
LockPickingLawyer Video 1356
LockPickingLawyer Video 809
Tow Smart Trailer Coupler LockTow Smart Trailer Coupler LockTerrible lock core, weak lock body, and easily bypassableLockPickingLawyer Video 941

Best Way to Lock a Trailer

There are a number of things you should think about when looking to secure your trailer. Both on and off your vehicle. Just because it is attached to your truck does not mean that it is secure, far from it.

We have the 3 most common ways of securing your trailer and we recommend using at least one of these methods to secure your trailer but securing your trailer with more than one is a bonus.

Hitch Lock

history of locks

We have a bunch of good quality receiver locks above for you to choose from and these are the best thing you can use to keep your trailer secure while it is parked and unattended.

They work by blocking and covering the receiver of the trailer so that it can’t be attached to a vehicle effectively immobilizing it.

NOTE: If your hitch is bolted on, make sure the bolts are covered or welded so that they can not be removed as thieves can simply change the receiver including the lock.

Receiver Lock


A receiver lock is not something that everyone thinks of but it’s a very important piece of equipment for securing your trailer while it is attached to your truck.

Padlock and Chain

history of locks

You may want to use a lock and chain along with, or instead of, the other methods for keeping your trailer secure above.

One of the best ways you can really secure your trailer is to chain it to something immovable, like a really big tree or a concrete pole.

Obviously, then you would need to have a chain and lock that will stand up to a decent amount of punishment. Here is a list of the best padlocks you can use for this.

For more information on locking up your trailer, you should have a look at this great article.

Finding the Best Trailer Hitch Lock

There are some very important things to look for when choosing a trailer lock. We have pointed out the most important things to keep an eye out for below.
Some of these we have already looked at for you, for example, all the locks we suggest here have a great build quality and are high-security so you just need to check that they will fit your trailer and you are good to go!

Size and Fit

To find the best trailer coupling lock, firstly you will need to know the ball size of your coupler so that you can get the right one.

Fitment is extremely important as there are many trailer coupler locks out there and they don’t all fit all types of couplers. Some of them also need to fit tightly to the coupler to be secure so be sure to make sure the lock you buy fits your coupler well.

Pro Tip: When looking for the best trailer lock, test for fit on the trailer first!

Either take your trailer to the store or make sure that the product can be returned if it doesn’t fit properly. There are many different hitches out there and the fit of a lock on a tailor hitch is extremely important for it to be secure. 

Don’t trust that locks and hitches from the same manufacturer are safe either, the LockPickingLawyer proved this in his video number 1175 where a trailer lock and hitch made by the same company that should have been compatible were not at all.

Material and Build Quality

Many cheaper trailer locks are made with substandard materials and locking mechanisms that will make it very easy for a thief to remove them.

Material of the body
Watch out for lightweight castings as they are often cast zinc or aluminum and these can regularly be broken, cut, or melted.
You are better off going for hardened steel or welded steel body as this will put up the most resistance to punishment. The drawback is that they tend to be a lot heavier.

The Altor SAF trailer hitch lock is a good example of a strong lock made with hardened plate steel.

Construction material for Trailer locks

The Locking Mechanism
Next, the Lock is extremely important. You may be tempted to get a lock with a ratcheting locking mechanism as they will “fit any hitch” and they are “easy to mount” but beware.

These types of locks can generally be defeated very easily with a shim that pushes the locking lug aside as you can see in this video. This means that they can be opened in seconds with very little skill or technique. A child could do it if you showed them how.

Weather Resistance

Trailers are something that usually spends almost their entire life outside and if you are looking for the best trailer lock for your trailer then it’s most likely that this is the case for you too.

This is why getting one that will last out in the elements for a long time is quite important. Whether you are in the snow, next to the beach, or just in the suburbs of a city you want to be able to remove the hitch lock from your caravan or boat when you want to use it. This is why having a good quality lock that will not corrode and have to be cut off is so important.

Materials like stainless steel, as well as painted high-carbon steel and cast iron, are good for corrosion resistance. Luckily all the locks we have found for you here are some of the best for these qualities.

Cost of your Trailer Lock

You will need to know roughly how much you want to spend on the lock. Is it going to be protecting a $1000 trailer or a $300 000 boat? No point in spending $500 on a lock for a trailer only worth 2 times that. So the best trailer lock is one that secures your trailer for the right price.


A good trailer lock is a very valuable thing to have and is like insurance. You may even get a discount on your insurance if you use a high-quality trailer lock to keep it secure.

Unfortunately, there are many trailer locks out there that seem at first glance to be good quality but they have some serious security flaws like ratcheting locking pins that can be easily opened with shims, or zinc housings that can be very easily broken, cut, or melted.

We hope you found the best trailer lock for your trailer, the LockPickingLawyer recommended locks are some of the best on the market and will secure any trailer that you would want to secure.

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Should consider also the Ft. Knox Lock. It’s darn beefy.

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[…] Best Trailer Locks […]

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