LockPickingLawyer Tools

LockPickingLawyer Tools

The LockPickingLawyer uses many tools in his videos but there are some that are much more common than others. We will break down the tools he uses most commonly for each different type of lock that he picks. But more importantly, we will show you where you can get them. 

LockPickingLawyer Tools – Everyday Carry Kit

In Video number 1089 the LockPickingLawyer was kind enough to show us his daily carry tool kit. While this may not be what anyone would carry around, it is very interesting to see the LockPickingLawyers Tools and can give you some inspiration for how to build your own daily carry kit.. Here is the video but we will break it all down with links here for your convenience.

Off-Grid Knives Elite Series – Black Mamba

The LockPickingLawyer kindly shows us his preferred pocket knife in his video number [1281] where he uses it to test the slash resistance of a “slash proof” portable safe.

Needless to say the portable safe doesn’t last long. He very easily cuts through all the different materials with this knife. We don’t know if he sharpened the knife after it has come from the factory but either way it seems in great condition and makes short work of the “safe”.

Diodrio EDC Leather Pocket Pouch

The organizer the LockPickingLawyer uses for his small daily tool carry pack is a simple little leather pocket organizer.

This is a small and versatile package, there are also a number of variations of it, some that fit in your pocket, others mean to go on your belt. There are ones with more pockets and different colours too like black so you can get one that suits your needs perfectly.

Fisher Space Pen

The first item that he carries is not really related to lockpicking but is extremely useful and high-quality none the less. It is simply a pen, very elegant and really good quality from Fisher.

Simply very practial as we would expect to find in the LockPickingLawyers Tools.

Slim Lighter

Again not a tool specifically for lockpicking but it is very useful to have a lighter around. If you are a bit of the handy type you may find that you use a simple flame a lot and having a lighter like this is great. Especially because of how small this one is, its also refillable and high quality so it should last for years and years.

Olight LED Flashlight

Another very useful tool that is included in the LockPickingLawyes kit is a simple little flashlight. One of the great benefits of this little one is that it neatly fits inside the leather pouch and can be used without removing it from the pouch. This makes it fast and easy to get access to and use.

The specific model that he uses is the Olight I3T EOS

He also mentions that you should be using good batteries in your torch because it’s only as good as the battery you use. 😉


For his simple keys, he carries this exact keyholder. It comes in a number of colors and sizes for different number of keys but works great with the pocket organizer to keep everything together and not moving around in your pocket.

Piano wire hook

One of the smaller tools that the LockPickingLawyer made for his daily kit is this little hook made from high carbon steel wire or music wire. This is there for outward opening doors.

Comb Pick

Also included in the keyholder is a simple comb pick that is perfect for accessing a lot of low-quality padlocks.

The secificone that is in the keyholder is a titanium comb pick from southern specialties. You can find it here.

comb pick

Bypass Knife

Original from southern specialties but modified by the LockPickingLawyer. Useful for so many different things.

Here is a link to the original product.

Lock bypass knife

Wafer Jiggler set

Southern Specialties set of wafer Jigglers only 25 thousandths think allowing access to many keyways.

This is one of the LockPickingLawyers most used tools in this kit.

Bobby Pins

Very basic but these are great for creating a simple jiggler, lockpick, or anything else you might need in the field.

A piece of firm plastic sheet

This is for opening inward opening doors. one of the most basic items in the kit but highly useful. It is always something that is impossible to find when you need it. So it’s one of the simplest but also very useful tools in this kit.

Although this is a specific tool in this kit it could just as easily be replaced by an old credit card. Just keep in mind cards usually get damaged when using them like this.

plastic sheet for picking locks

Lock Picks from Emergancy Card

The main set of lockpicks are actually from an emergency card because of their small size. Attaching these together with a rivet is perfect for giving them a bigger handle for use.

The original ones used by the LockPickingLawyer can be found here on the Toool website.

Otherwise we have found an alternative on Amazon for you at a lower price.

Tension Tool

For tensioning, there are 3 long tensioning tools from Southern Specialties. With various sizes they will fit in most common keyways.

You can find the full set here.

lock pick Tensioning tools

Stainless Steel Collar Stay

This is a bit of an unauthdox use for a simple collar stay but it is actually very practical. If you get some strong stainless steel collar stays then they are a great size for a mini screwdriver in an extremely small and light package. Obviously not what it was designed for but it does a great job none the less.

LockPickingLawyer Tools – Lock Picks

Other than the previous LockPickingLawyer tools there are still a large number that we see him using in his videos quite regularly. Some of them are seen quite often like the “Pick that bosnian bill and I made” That anyone who watches his videos would have seen numerous times but there are also his regular picks and the infamous ramset gun. All of these are below.

Disc Detainer Lock Pick – LockPickingLawyer and Bosnian Bill Design

Blah blah blah disc detainer lockpick, blah blah.

Ok we won’t give you the same description as the Sparrow’s website does. this lockpick is one that was designed by none other than the LockPickingLawyer and Bosnian Bill themselves. As far as a tool from the community goes this is a great one. And It’s great to see that these two guys wanted to give back to the community so much that they just gave the design to Sparrows to produce. All in the hope that it would be created and made available to all those that want to use it.

If this isnt a great case of giving back to the community we dont know what is…

If you want one here is the link to get one from the Sparrows site.

sparrows disc detainer tool

Beginner Lock Pick Set

As reviewed by the LockPickingLawyer in video 318, this lockpick set is a good quality set for beginners. As he mentions in the video you need to give the picks a little bit of love by sanding down the picks before you go to use them or they will be overly sticky to use. But this isn’t something new for lockpicks even good quality ones.

All in all this is a good set ready for beginners to use and will give them a good start with what they need.

Dimple Pick Set

Reviewed by the LockPickingLawyer in video number 703 and priased as being the best dimple pick set on the market right now for their price point.

These dimple picks have all that you could want for the price point. They are high quality and have all the best freautres that a dimply pic set should have. There really isn’t much more to say about these picks, they work exactly the way they should, they look good and feel great in the hand.

LockPickingLawyers Other Tools

Here we are including some of the other tools that the LockPickingLawyer uses in his videos. These are some that we have seen him suee and some that he has featured but we have not seen him using regularly. Never hte less these are great tools and can be very useful.

Hinge Pin Removal Tool

this is not a tool that is used often by the LockPickingLawyer buut we included it on this list because it is a very useful and very powerful tool. This is such a basic tool effectively its just a punch and hammer in one piece but with its small size and ease of use this can be really effective at removing hinge pins but also for various other purposes where you need a strong punch on a small area.

Ramset Cobra+ Lock Breaker

If you are looking for the ramset tol that the LockPickingLawyer uses in a number of his videos to destructively open locks then this is the one. This is the newer version 0.27 cal rather than then 0.22 cal, that he upgraded to with a bit more power.

This ramset has been used to break a number of locks by directly firing it into onto the body of a lock.

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