about lockjudge

About LockJudge

LockJudge is a website run by lockpickers for lockpickers. We use our own experience and information from the lockpicking community to create the best reviews, and information possible.

We put a lot of time and effort into our research so that we only recommend high-quality products, and provide the best information possible.

Our Mission

Be a Trusted authority on Security Products

We want to help everyone buy quality locks at a reasonable price and the best way to do this is by using the expertise of the lockpicking community combined with testing and independent security ratings.

We want to do this for 2 reasons,

First: To help customers buy high-quality locks. There are many locks out there that have flaws that are present in so many locks and security products that are still for sale.

Second: To push the lock industry to make better products. Helping normal people buy better locks, will naturally force the security industry to make better-quality products because lower-quality ones will not sell.

A reliable source of information for the Lockpicking Community

Lockpicking is a great hobby that is not only fun but helps develop a number of skills that can be used in other areas.

From learning how locks work and how to manipulate them with tools to thinking more deeply about security there is a lot that goes into lockpicking as a pastime.

This is why we try our best to create the absolute best information we can.

Our Story

lock judge

LockJudge is the answer to something that from what we saw did not exist previously. A voice from the lockpicking community about locks and security and devices.

Much the same way as the LockPickingLawyer calls out companies for poor designs. The idea is that Lockjudge will call out good and bad locks so that customers know what they are buying.

We were tired of seeing the same locks advertised as the “best lock” from many websites all over the internet that really had not done their research.

This was the drive to create this website, to create a highly trusted source of information and advice on security products and lock picking that I wish already existed.

The LockJudge Team

Oliver Wright

Oliver Wright

Founder and Creator of LockJudge.com

My name is Oliver Wright, and I am the owner and creator of the website Lockjudge.com.

My passion for lock picking and security started a few years ago when I first saw a video from the LockPickingLaywer. This sparked my interest in how locks worked and led me to start experimenting with different ways to open them.

For a day job, I am a security professional. I decided to create Lockjudge.com as a platform to share my knowledge and experience with others. On the website, I write about a wide range of topics related to locks and security, including reviews of lock-picking tools, tutorials on different techniques, and articles on the latest security trends.

I also share my own personal experiences and insights as a security expert. I am dedicated to providing accurate and valuable information to our readers and I strive to make complex topics easy to understand.

We are constantly updating the website with new content to ensure that our readers are always informed about the latest developments in the field. I am proud of the reputation that my website has built and I am honored to be a trusted resource for so many people.

Davis Blackwelder


Retired mathematician and engineer. Avid reader, cyclist, teacher, grandfather, and lock picker–having taken up this obsessive hobby in retirement.

From rural North Carolina, currently living in Huntsville, Alabama (where Von Braun and others developed the Redstone, Jupiter, Atlas, Saturn, Space Shuttle, and other space launch systems). Worked on several US and Israeli missile defense systems.

For some of my lock picking activities, check out my Reddit profile. For some of my infamous Uncle Bill stories and Western US travelogues, check out some of my posts on Facebook.

Davis Blackwelder profile picture
Greg Kaganyuk

Greg Kaganyuk

Writer & Lockpicker

My name is Oliver Wright, and I am the owner and creator of the website Lockjudge.com.

Greg is a lockpicking hobbyist with 5 years of lockpicking experience. Recently, he joined the Mile High Lock Picking club by picking a Master Lock 141 in a Cessna 172 during a flight up to Paso Robles from Los Angeles.

When he isn’t writing, editing, or researching for LockJudge, he is traveling or working on restoring his latest motorcycle project. On one of his last projects, the previous owner had lost the keys, thankfully Greg was able to key impression a working key!

Our Methodology

We perform extensive research and/or testing for each of the products that we talk about on LockJudge.

We also use information from trusted organizations like Sold Secure, StichtingART, and the European CEN as some of the metrics that we use to choose the locks we recommend.

We also use the advice of people in the Lockpicking Community like the LockPickingLawyer, BosnianBill, and others.

Lockpick ratings are used from the r/Lockpicking SubReddit as they have a large number of locks rated by their difficulty to pick and this is a perfect measurement for use to rate locks with also.

Finally, we also test and review, locks ourselves to make sure that the tests and claims by all the people and organizations above actually stack up for each lock.

How are we different?

Most other lock rating and ranking websites merely look at the best-selling locks and suggest those as the best ones to buy. We go with the evidence of what is actually the most secure and best quality. Using tests to find the locks with the highest security possible.

This is why you may find that some of the options we recommend are not the cheapest. This is simply because they are chosen for their quality not how many of them have been sold.


While LockJudge does make money from the sale of locks, lockpicking tools, and other products through the links on this website we do not accept money for the promotion of any specific product. We simply review and provide you with what we believe are the best products on the market.


We are only human, and while we have a mission to provide the best information possible we are only human and mistakes can be made. We do not guarantee the effectiveness of any locks on this site and any issues with any products you find on this site should be raised directly with the manufacturer. Please let us know if you find any issues so we can resolve them.


We hope this has given you all the information about LockJudge that you need.

Also please visit us on Facebook or Twitter and get involved.

If you have any questions or suggestions please head over to our contact page and send us an email.