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The Ultimate Guide to Defiant Locks

According to the FBI, a total of about 2.5 million burglaries occur annually in the United States. The data also show that homes without a proper security system are 300% more likely to be broken into and burglarized.

Such shocking statistics are capable of putting anyone on edge. Your door lock is critical in preventing a break-in to your home.

As a result, you must critically look at the type of door locks installed in your home. For example, one of the most popular door locks in many American homes is the Defiant Lock.

Surprisingly, the Defiant Lock brand has a low profile regarding the information you can find about them online. From a nonexistent Wikipedia page and official website to little or no reviews online, Defiant Locks defy marketing logic considering its popularity.

We have taken the time to put up a comprehensive guide on Defiant locks in a bid to demystify one of America’s most popular door lock brands.

If you are at a loss if your door lock is a Defiant brand, look above the keyhole of your deadbolt or the latch at the side of the door. You will find the “Defiant” tag stamped on them if it happens to be one of their products.

Who Produces Defiant Locks? 

You can find Defiant locks on the shelves of Home Depot. However, Home Depot is not the actual maker of Defiant locks. So what is the catch? Home Depot has a partnership with a Taiwanese manufacturer, “Taiwan Fu Hsing Ind. Co Ltd.”

The Taiwanese company exclusively manufactures Defiant locks for Home Depot. So, you can equate Walmart’s Equate and Greater Value brands to Home Depot and Defiant Lock.

Home Depot is also home to two other major locks, Schlage and Kwikset. Defiant locks come in different types and styles. The brand also has deadbolts, keyed knobs, keyed levers, passage and privacy knobs, and levers.

Defiant locks are quite popular because of their quality and affordability. In addition, they are less expensive than other Home Depot brands, making them the perfect budget locks in the market.

Where else can I buy Defiant Locks?

Although Defiant locks are exclusive to Home Depot, you can buy them in other retail stores. For example, businesses that deal in key locks buy in bulk from Home Depot at a discount and sell to their customers at slightly higher prices.

If you choose not to buy from Home Depot directly, you can find Defiant locks at major retail stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Defiant locksets: What you need to know

Although Defiant locksets are not as widespread as Schlage, they are slowly gaining ground. Defiant produces a standard line of residential lockets, which includes;

  • Single-sided deadbolt
  • Double-sided deadbolt
  • Residential keypad locks
  • Doorknobs for bathroom, passage, and entry.

Defiant door locks come in either brass, silver, or black. If you choose to change all the locks in your apartment without worrying about rekeying all the locks, opt for the double combos comprising 2 deadbolts and 2 doorknobs that are already keyed.

Defiant lock features

Defiant locks carry a lifetime guarantee from Home Depot. Defiant door locks have modest security features.

Defiant lock security

Defiant deadbolts and doorknobs 3 spool security pins in the lock core making picking a bit harder for inexperienced pickers. Overall they are considered on the low end of the security ladder.

Defiant deadbolts also have a drill-resistant plate installed in the lock, giving them some higher-level security against drilling attacks that other locks may not be resistant to.

Defiant locks may not be the best in the market, but they provide a cost-effective solution for securing your home from Intruders.

The LockPickingLawyer tests out a defiant lock cylinder here showing that they are not overly high-security locks but they are somewhat better than other cheap alternatives.

If you really were looking for a higher security lock then we would recommend Kwikset locks or Schlage locks, and if you really want something high then we would recommend you look at Mul-t-Lock.

Defiant Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt is a lock moved by twisting a key or an access control system without a spring. Unlike a latch, deadbolts are heavier and thicker. As a result, deadbolts offer a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s security.

 Once you turn a key in a deadbolt, it retracts or extends the bolt into the strike plate on the door frame. Deadbolts are much more difficult to be forced open since they are not spring-operated.

Deadbolts do pretty well compared to other locking mechanisms as they feature an additional layer of strength.

 Defiant deadbolts are durable and ensure your door is more resistant to forced entry. Let us look at our top-ranking Defiant deadbolts in the market today.

Defiant DLX22 Satin Nickel Deadbolt Lock

Defiant DLX22 Satin Nickel Lock

The Defiant Satin Nickel Lock comes with a lifetime guaranteed warranty as it can easily withstand harsh conditions. In addition, the double deadbolt has a universal/ reversible door handling and an adjustable backset size.

The Defiant Lock exceeds ANSI Grade 3 standard for residential use. It features a key to unlock and lock the door from both sides. In addition, the Lock has a radius latch with an adjustable backset to fit 2-3/8inches or 2-3/4 inches backset.

It also has an optional drive-in feature. This deadbolt lock is strong and highly resistant to forced entry. Its nickel finish gives you the look you desire in a door lock. It is easy to install and requires no electrical connectivity.


  • Very easy to install
  • Features a double locking mechanism that enhances home security at all times.
  • It comes with a deadbolt feature that enhances protection.
  • Durable


  • The door lock may be susceptible to forced entry as it is installed as a bored lock.
  • It has a cylindrical locking mechanism to be forced open using lock picks.
  • You would need to drill holes in the door for installation.

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Defiant DL81 Metal Brass Lock

defiant dl81 brass door lock

As with all Defiant lock products, the DL81 Metal Brass lock is designed to ensure your home is safe and secure. In addition, this Defiant Lock comes with a single door lock mechanism which makes it perfect for interior use.

You can conveniently lock the door behind you by using a thumb-turn key. In addition, its deadbolt feature makes it quite durable and resistant to forced entry.

Unlike some other locks, this defiant Lock is quite easy to install as it comes with boring holes. The metal brass lock is well-built and features an adjustable backset that fits any standard door type.

 Its anti-pick design makes sure the pins on the Lock are tight and stable. You do not have to worry about prying eyes as the Lock keeps your door tightly closed.


  • It has an anti-prying feature that ensures you and your family are safe.
  • Its deadbolt feature makes it quite durable and foolproof from break-ins.
  • The anti-drill feature helps block the Lock’s internal mechanism from any forced entry.


  • Bored locksets may begin to wear out with time.
  • The deadbolt requires manual locking.
  • It is only suited for interior use.

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Defiant Square Pin Code Dead Bolt

history of locks

Defiant Lock has an array of deadbolts with very impressive features. However, none comes close to the Defiant Metal Satin Nickel Lock.

Just as in all Defiant locks, the Defiant Metal Nickel Lock comes with an outstanding design that prevents forced entry and ensures the protection of your home.

 Its Satin Nickel finish gives it an attractive appearance. It comes with an auto-lock function with an adjustable delay of 10-99 seconds and is built for entryways. So it doesn’t matter whether you are in haste or not; this deadbolt has an effective method of keeping your door locked.

This Defiant deadbolt features a strong metal structure that makes it sturdy and durable. It also comes with an electronic keypad that helps to enhance its security features. This Defiant deadbolt gets installed on doors of 1.3/8 inches to 1.3/4 inches.

It also has one master code and 10 user codes. It works with 4 AAA batteries and comes with 2 keys.


  • The Auto-lock feature provides an easy way to lock the door from behind.
  • Its metal build is strong, thereby resisting any forced entry.
  • It comes with an extra layer of protection with deadbolts.


  • It is fitted with an electronic key and keypad mechanism that may be susceptible to hacking.
  • Requires you to lock the doors manually.

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Defiant PIN code Door Lock

defiant pin lock

This deadbolt from Defiant Lock is designed with the best safety features in mind. It is designed to ensure your home is well-protected and safe.

 The Defiant Satin Lock uses a thumb turn on the inside of the door that provides a much quicker way to unlock and close doors.

 In addition, this Defiant deadbolt lock comes with a strong build that ensures resistance to forced entry. Its satin finish gives this door Lock a shiny and elegant look. It also uses a key or keypad function and a cylindrical lock.


  • It comes with a cylindrical lock that makes it easy to rekey.
  • Its single locking mechanism is perfect for interior doors.
  • Entry is almost impossible without the right keys.


  • Its cylindrical locking mechanism can be susceptible to forced entry using lock picks.
  • You can easily get locked out when you forget your keys.
  • Its keypad mechanism makes it susceptible to hacking.

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Defiant Doorknobs

A Doorknob can also be a handle that you turn to open a door. They are often shaped like a knob and quite the same as door levers.

Door knobs and deadbolts are different pieces of hardware with varying levels of protection for our homes.

Defiant doorknobs are effective yet affordable. So let us dive into the technical specifications of one of Defiant’s most popular doorknobs.

Defiant Saturn Door Knob

Defiant Saturn Polished Brass Keyed Entry Door Knob

The Defiant Saturn Polished doorknob comes with a lifetime guarantee warranty from Home Depot.

The doorknob exceeds the ANSI Grade 3 standards for residential use. It comes with a radius latch with an adjustable backset to fit doors between 1-3/8 inches and 1-3/4 inches.

This Defiant door knob also has an optional drive-in feature. You only need a screwdriver to install it when used as a replacement lock.


  • It comes with an adjustable backset
  • The latch is made up of a radius faceplate
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • Knobs may be difficult to twist for some people, especially children.

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Combining Defiant Deadbolts And Doorknobs

You would find a deadbolt and a matching doorknob in every lockset.

Based on the nature of their mechanism, deadbolts are more secure than doorknobs. For example, a simple test on a door with a Defiant deadbolt and doorknob would reveal that it is best to pair both for safe entry door security.

 It is best to be safe at all times. Locking your door securely with a Defiant Deadbolt and Defiant doorknob gives no chance for intruders to break into your home.

Tips to help you choose the right door lock

With so many locks and latches available in the market today, choosing the right locks that offer the perfect solution might be quite challenging.

However, whether you need a lock for your residential home or business, there are certain factors you must consider.

1. Consider the door area

You would need to install a lock that meets the industry standards for external doors. Entry doors must withstand extreme conditions, fire, and break-ins. Look out for locksets such as Defiant 1001 392 551 Satin Lock to keep your valuables and home secured.

2. Endeavour to make your research

Finding the right lock for your doors requires you to do research. You would have to choose a door lock that is effective and also fits into your budget. Smart locks are a bit expensive, so you would have to opt for other door locksets if it goes way beyond your budget.

3. Look out for the warranty

Note that not all hardware is equal in terms of quality and durability. It would help if you chose door locksets with a longer warranty as a rule of thumb.

Hardware with a limited warranty indicates what you should expect when in use. Defiant locks come with a lifetime guarantee. So you rest assured of the product’s quality.

4. Style

Choose door locksets that match your entry door to give that glamorous appeal. Door locks are brass, stainless steel, wrought iron, and bronze. Regardless of choice, ensure it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your door.

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