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Lock Noob: More Than Just a Noob

Lock Noob is a lockpicking YouTuber that has focussed on providing high-quality, in-depth videos to really help anyone get started with lock picking. For anyone starting out picking locks, his channel is the obvious next step after the LockPickingLawer.

We believe Lock Noob is somewhat of an unsung hero of the lockpicking community. With his videos that dive into many of the technical aspects of lock picking there is so much value in the videos he has created.

Interview With Lock Noob

Q: What’s your real name? 

A: My first name is Ash

Q: Can you tell us about yourself, where are you from?

A: I move around a LOT as a kid, spanning the south of England to the North of Scotland. I’ve made the South West of the U.K. my home now for over 25 years

Q: Do you have a family?

A: I do! I have a wife and the best 2 children in the world. You might have heard them taste testing with me on my side channel, Side Noob.

Q: Interests other than Lock Picking? 

A: My main hobby is actually cooking. It’s a real passion. I like to cook different things inspired by ingredients from around the world, but particularly I’m interested in traditional recipes and techniques. 

I hope one day my kids will want to learn as it’s such a good skill to have. I also play guitar badly and I’m I very big gamer.

Q: What do you drink?

A: I have a mild coffee addiction (black with a small amount of brown sugar), but I do like a dry white wine too. That being said, I’ll basically drink anything…

Q: Why do you hide your face and identity from the camera?

A: I’ve always been private that way and don’t like to be in photographs at all if possible. When it comes to the channel, I don’t think seeing me would add value plus it does slightly address any security concerns for my family.

Q: What is your day job and how does that interact with your videos?

A: I work in IT now though I’m a scientist by training and a former teacher (briefly, I didn’t like it!). 

I think my scientific curiosity and teaching experience help me to explain how things work in my tutorials. Although others may disagree 🙂

Q: If you had the ability to magically change one thing in the world of lock picking what would it be?

A: Nothing in particular, it’s a good community. I have my annoyances about some things, but what I don’t like others do, so I wouldn’t want to change things for that reason. 

Maybe it would be to have a little more diversity visible in the community. 

Q: What is your favorite lock brand, for picking and/or security?

A: For picking? Hard to say. I love Cisa, Viro, and all those nice spool-heavy locks! 

For security, at least anti-pick, some of the higher-end Assa Abloy stuff is hard to beat.

Q: If you could give a single piece of advice to every new lockpicker what would it be?

A: Maybe not single, but take your time to learn, practice, practice, practice, and pick what brings you joy in any way that you like. 

After all, it’s your hobby and you are the only one who should have an input into how you enjoy it.

Q: What is a piece of bad advice or myth in lock picking that you hear regularly?

A: ‘That lock’s easy I saw X picker pick that with a spoon in 1 second’…

Q: What is your goal or vision for your Youtube channel? 

A: To keep making content I enjoy that I hope inspires others to pick up the hobby and to try out as many techniques and side skills (pick making etc) as possible.

I still have plenty of ideas and designs to share.

Q: What differences do you see between yourself and your videos to the LockPickingLawyer?

A: LPL is a very skilled picker and entertainer. Like Bill, he is bringing new pickers into the hobby all the time. 

I lack his smooth delivery and I’m certainly not as skilled a picker, but I hope that I bring an educational style to the party and some out-of-the-box thinking that has led to 10s of designs with multiple manufacturers that I hope inspires creative thinking in others.

Q: How long have you been picking locks and what got you started?

A: About 7 years I think. I got started after watching a terrible ’escape and evade’ video on YouTube that was just advertising for some course they were running. 

In it, they were using a plastic see-through padlock and after a couple of gins, I went on Amazon and bought one myself. It came with a set of small micro picks, but they worked and I was hooked. The rest is now history!

Q: What Lock picks and tools are your favorites or the ones that you use the most?

A: Very hard to say as I use a range of picks from pretty much all the main manufacturers.

Like a lot of pickers, I just choose what I like from the large range of tools out there.

If I chose 1 pick profile I keep coming back to it would be the Peterson Gem in 0.018” (not a sponsor!)

Q: Where are you most active online? What is your social platform of choice?

A: YouTube mostly, but I pick messages up eventually on Twitter, Instagram, and various discord servers I’m a member of too. 

Q: What lock are you trying to pick right now, or what is your most recent challenging pick?

A: I’m currently VERY annoyed with a Ruko Serie 1200 that will only pick once the camera is off. Nasty bitting as you may expect from Ruko!

Q: Do you have a Lock Picking Belt Ranking?

A: Yes! I am a Black belt on the Reddit ranking system over on the Lockpickers United Discord server

Q: What lockpicking tools or sets have you designed or had a hand in creating?

A: I have currently designed or contributed to the design of over 20 products now, so it’s quite a long list.

A few highlights would be the Check Pins (chess-shaped challenge pins), the Gut Wrench (lock disassembly tool) and Monkey Paw (a ledged/notched pick) from Sparrows Lock Picks, the Credit Card Pick Set Mk2 and Folding Pick set from Wendt and the Abona rake and new G-Pro dimple picks from Multipick to name just a few.

Lock Noob Tools

from the last question above, Lock Noob has worked with lock pick companies to create tools and lock pick sets for the community. Here are some of the ones that he has had a hand in.

Multipick Elite 39 “LockNoob” Essential Selection Kit

history of locks

LockNoob worked with Multipick to create his own pick set and this is it. It includes all the tools that he sees as being the essentials.

You can find the pick set here.

Monkey Paw Notched Pick

history of locks

LockNoob worked with Sparrows to create this notched lock pick. It has a notch on the tip of the pick that helps to locate the pick on the head of a key pin while picking.

You can find this pick here.

The Gut Wrench

history of locks

A tool designed by Lock Noob and made and sold by Sparrows the Gut Wrench is for removing circlips on the back of lock cores for removal.

You can find it here.

Check Pins

history of locks

A really cool idea and a great challenge for picking are these check pins created by Sparrows and Lock Noob.

You can find these pins here.

Multipick Abona Rake

history of locks

A Rake that was designed by Lock Noob and then made by Multipick. Dynamic rakes to help set high and low pins in a lock.

You can see Bosnian Bill’s review of them here.

You can find the rake here.

ELITE G-PRO Community Edition Dimple Lock Pick Kit

ELITE G-PRO Community Edition Dimple Lock Pick Kit

Designed and curated by Lock Noob and made by Multipick to his preferences.

You can find this pick set here.

Lock Noobs Videos

The videos produced by Ash (Lock Noob) are similar in nature to the LockPickingLawyer but vary in some interesting ways.

history of locks

Difference 1: Focus on providing information

Many of Lock Noob’s videos are quite informative about the specifics of picking and the locks that he has in the video.

He talks about how he is using the pick, how it works in the lock, why he chose this tool for this lock, and more. This is all great information that helps to inform people and especially new lock pickers.

Difference 2: Instructional Videos

Lock Noob also creates purely instructional videos like his video on how to get started with lockpicking.

These types of videos are very valuable for people that have gotten interested in lockpicking and are looking to take the next steps into the hobby.

To Sum up

There are many YouTubers out there who create videos about lockpicking in different ways. You can see our list of the other Lock picking YouTubers here.

But LockNoob is one that stands out from the crowd and he has the following to show it. From his very informative style of videos to the products he has co-created he really is a big part of the world of lockpicking.

If you have an questions or comments for Lock Noob please comment them below.

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