LockPickingLawyer Best Lock

LockPickingLawyer Best Locks

We have looked through the videos that the LockPickingLawyer has produced and put together a list that we think he would agree with are the LockPickingLawyer best locks.

The LockPickingLawyer doesn’t just look for locks that are hard to pick. there are a lot of factors that go into making a lock secure. this is because there are many more ways to get into a padlock than just simply to pick the lock. there are also many different types of cores and keys, some harder and some easier to pick for many different reasons.

LockPickingLawyer Recommended Locks

Lockpickinglawyer reccomendations

The LockPickingLawyer has tested many, many locks on youtube commenting on their physical strength, pick resistance, and showing if they have any data flaws. Here is our list of the LockPickingLawyers recommended locks that have scored the best at his hands. Some of them with a personal recommendation from the man himself.

LockPickingLawyer Best Padlocks

First up we have found what we believe to be a list of the top padlocks that the LockPickingLawyer has given a thumbs up to over the years. While the LockPickingLawyers doesn’t give direct recommendations, these are the ones he has talked about positively and from what we understand these are some of the LockPickingLawyers recommended locks.

ABUS Diskus 20/70

The LockPickingLawyer recommended this lock in this tweet as one of the best available on Amazon back in 2017.

While not the strongest lock in this list it is a very capable lock. Small enough for general use but not too small that is not strong enough to put up with some punishment.

It’s not too big, not too small, not too heavy, this really is the Goldilocks padlock.

Perfect when combined with the ABUS 140/120 Hasp that covers the shackle of the lock.


Shackle Thickness10 mm
Lock CoreABUS Plus
TypeDisc lock
Weight12.8 Ounces/ 360 grams
BodyStainless Steel
ShackleStainless Steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 4 stars reddit lock picking brown belt

ABUS 37RK/80

If you are looking for a lock that is going to look the part and just turns away a thief just because of its look then this is the one for you.

With its hardened steel body and covered shackle, this padlock is one of the strongest medium padlocks you can get before going to something huge like the others further down this list.

Plus it’s matte black and everyone loves a bit of matte black.


Shackle Thickness14 mm
Lock CoreABUS Plus
Weight2.25lbs / 1 kg
BodyHardened alloy steel with Black Granit coating
ShackleHardened alloy steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 4 stars

Mul-t-lock Junior TSR-Series Padlock

Mul-t-lock has a great little lock here, with Mul-t-lock’s high precision telescopic pin tumbler system most pickers won’t be getting into this one.

With a hardened steel boron shackle, steel body and ball bearing locked shackle this padlock have all the good stuff. this is not the kind of lock that will let go when hit with a hammer or any other brute force attack for that matter. It will also put up a decent fight to bolt cutters with its strong shackle.

There are also drill-resistant elements throughout the lock making it even more resilient to those kinds of attacks.


Shackle Thickness7/16″ (11 mm)
Lock CoreMul-t-lock Junior
High-precision telescopic pin tumbler
Weight1.6 lbs / 720g
BodySteel body
ShackleHardened Boron Steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 4 stars reddit lock picking purple belt


Abloy has just hit the mark with this lock, it is strong has a covered shackle to make it very hard to cut, hardened steel all over, and a great lock core to avoid anyone picking their way in.

This is just a super practical lock and it even looks great. Not something that is usually said about padlocks but in this case it is deserved.


Shackle Thickness15 mm
Weight2.8 lbs / 1.27 kg
BodyCase-hardened steel
ShackleCase-hardened boron steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 4 stars

Squire SS80CS

Just the smaller brother of the SS100CS we have below. but this isn’t a bad thing because this one is more of a useable size, kind of…

This lock is still a beast, coming in at 2.2kgs this thing is huge and most thieves will be turned away simply by looking at this thing.


Shackle Thickness16mm
Lock CoreMauer MW4
Weight4.8 lbs / 2.2 kg
BodyHardened Steel
ShackleHardened Boron Alloy Steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 4 stars

Squire SS100CS

This lock was featured in this video by the LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill where they shot the lock with several guns including a 50 cal rifle until it was destroyed.

This lock is simply not to be underestimated and as the LockPickingLawyer said himself this is the strongest lock in the world.


Shackle Thickness20mm
Lock CoreMauer MW4
Weight8 lbs / 3.65 kg
BodyHardened Steel
ShackleHardened Boron Alloy Steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 5 stars

Commando Lock Total Guard

While this is one of the smaller locks on this list it really is built to be a real pain for anyone that doesn’t have a key.

With a special high carbon laminated riveted body this will deal with a lot of punishment without giving up. on top of that, the high-carbon hardened shackle is covered with an anti-cut shroud. This all means that brute force, bypasses and cutting is off the table for this little bad boy of a lock.

Finally the lock core… reviewed by Bosnianbill this lock is a nightmare even for the best lock pickers out there. No standard lock pins in this badass lock. This has all security pins. Yes, that’s right, every single pin in this lock is designed to make picking it as hard as possible.

All together this is the kind of lock that we want more of in the industry. This is exactly what we look for here on Lock Jude and that’s why this one gets a full 5 stars from us. Nice work Commando Lock! 🙂


Shackle Thickness5/16″ – 8mm
Lock CoreHigh-security 5-pin cylinder with 10 security pins
TypeShrouded Padlock
Weight1 lbs / 450 grams
BodyZinc-plated laminated carbon steel
ShackleSteel-alloy Shrouded shackle


bosnianbill lockjudge best locks 5 stars

PACLOCK UCS-9S Cone Shaped Puck Lock

This puck lock from PACLOCK is a great design that is very surprising that we have not seen more often. With its cone-shaped outer face, it makes it extremely difficult to drill.

When used with a good quality hasp for a puck lock this will make for a formidable challenge for any thief no matter how well equipped they are.

See the LockPickingLawyer discuss it in this video.


Shackle Thickness10mm
TypePuck Lock
Weight2.23lbs / 1kg
BodyStainless Steel
ShackleStainless Steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 5 stars reddit lock picking green belt

Bowley Model 543 Padlock

The Bowley Padlock is an innovative new type of lock that began its life as a Kickstarter. It uses a unique design that is extremely hard to pick and is one of the most secure locks currently available. See the LockPickingLawyer discuss it in this video.

Primarily this lock will beat all but the very best attacker through its physical strength and also its very bizarre locking mechanism.

Shackle Thickness11mm
Lock CoreBowley Lock
BodyStainless Steel
ShackleStainless Steel


lockpickinglawyer best lockjudge best locks 5 stars reddit lock picking black belt

If the LockPickingLawyer has any input please reach out to us and we would love to update this list.

We hope you have found what you are looking for here with our list of the LockPickingLawyer Best Locks.

How to choose the right lock

There are a number of factors to look at when buying a padlock. It’s not too hard to look at most of these points when buying a padlock. When the LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill review a lock for its security they usually mention these factors in their analysis.

Often there are locks that will pass one area very well and completely fail in another area. For example, locks that have very good physical security with a big lock body and a very strong shackle that completely fail when it comes to resistance to someone picking the lock open.

Choosing a lock to suit your application

While the LockPickingLawyers best Locks are good recommendations they may not always suit your application.

The first point to think about when looking for a high-quality lock is how you are going to use it and what it’s going to be protecting. there is no point in getting a very high-security lock just for something basic. Like a $200 high-security lock on your garden shed that only has a few garden tools in it.

Weak points in the security system are also important things to be aware of. If you are buying a lock with a decent 8mm hardened steel shackle just to be installing that on a hasp that is very thin then a thief will simply cut the hasp that the lock is attached to.

Physical security needs to be thought of holistically. This is also where a lot of lock companies fail in their lock designs as you will see mentioned by the LockPickingLawyer time and time again. Where a lock maker will produce a lock that is very resistant to picking only to have a plastic lock body or some other similar issue.

Types of Locking Mechanisms

There are countless varieties of different key and lock cores that have been produced over hundreds of years of lock production. Some of them are more secure than others, and each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Even the same type of lock can be very different in its actual security level and unfortunately, this is not something that you can see by looking at the outside of a lock.

Standard Locking Mechanism


First, we will talk about the most common type of lock and key, you surely have some of these on your keyring, and most locks around the world are made with these. They are very easy to produce but can vary in their security level significantly.

Some of the factors that contribute to the security of a normal keyway are.

  • Number of key pins used
  • Bitting of the key and pins
  • Different metals used for the key pins
  • Different security types for the key pins
  • The shape of the keyway

A low-security type of lock would be something like the one in the picture, where it only has 4 pins and the key does not have very great bitting to make it harder to pick.

To find a higher security lock look for one with a key that has a much more pronounced pattern and is more complex with more ridges and valleys than the one we have pictured here.

Disc-Detainer Lock

Disc Detainer key

Disc detainer keys look very different from normal ones and they work in a different way to standard locking mechanisms. They also look very different and generally speaking are more secure than standard key mechanisms mainly due to they require special tools and skills to be able to pick them open.

They are used regularly on bike locks, high-security door locks, and in some higher security padlocks. While not a failsafe type of key as there are tools out there to pick them they are generally quite secure.

Combination Lock

combination lock

While combination locks are very convenient, they are notorious for being very insecure. this is because even the best ones simply need time to break into. If you have a lock in a remote location where someone has a lot of time, then even someone without any skills will be able to get into it by simply trying all the available combinations.

Obviously finding one with more wheels on it will make this harder but ultimately they are very insecure simply because you don’t need any special skills or tools to get into them you just need time.

Then we come to the security flaws and while there are combination locks out there that don’t have any flaws there is a lot that has major flaws that make them very easy to get into for someone with minimal skills. I Personally have gotten access to a combination key lock box on a building in under 3 minutes when I had never seen that model of the lock before.

Combination locks are suitable for very low-security applications where you merely want to deter someone from accessing something. Only use them in a situation where if someone were standing trying to access the lock for a couple of minutes they would look suspicious.

Other Locking Mechanisims

There are many other types of locking mechanisms out there. If you are looking at a lock that has a different type, we recommend that you do a bit of research into the type of mechanism. Have a look on the internet at the security of that particular type so that you know if it will be secure enough for your intended use.

Padlock Types

Next is the type of lock that you will be looking for. there are many many different kinds of locks on the market and we will cover a couple of the most common ones here and their uses. But if you have a bit of a different application then you might want to look for something more specific like motorbike disc locks, or trailer hitch locks.

Standard Shackle Padlock


These are the most common types of padlocks and for most situations they are perfect. They will protect your belongings and be fine. But you should still try to get one that doesn’t have any major flaws that will allow someone quick access and it should be strong enough to put up with some punishment from typical tools used to beak them. Like pliers for small locks and bolt cutters for medium locks. If you need something that will take something that will take punishment from an angle grinder then you should be using a closed shackle padlock most likely.

Standard padlocks are perfect for garden sheds, gates, boxes on a ute, and other small to medium-security applications like this.

They come with different keyways and you should try to pick a keyway that matches the physical security of the lock.

Closed Shackle Padlock

closed shackle padlock

Closed shackle padlocks are very similar in design to standard shackle padlocks but they are a higher security design, you don’t often find smaller versions of these as they are designed to be medium to high-security locks so having a closed shackle small padlock doesn’t really make much sense.

the big difference they have is that the body of the lock extends up to protect the shackle from being cut. They are especially effective when the door or lock they are attached to has a shroud that covers the top of the lock further making cutting the shackle of the lock almost impossible.

Keep in mind this kind of lock isn’t really suited to use with a chain, although it would work the chain is very exposed and would mean that protecting the shackle for the lock is redundant as someone could just cut the chain.

When combined with the right mounting hardware these locks are extremely secure and are some of the highest security options available.

Disc Padlock

abus diskus disc padlock

Disc locks are a variation of the two lock designs above and they come with some benefits but also some drawbacks. Where the other two designs are hundreds of years old the disc-style padlock is much more of a modern invention.

The rounded body of a disc lock makes them much harder to hold onto with tools to cut the lock this makes them better at standing up to an attack from an angle grinder as the locks are prone to slip causing the cutting wheel of the grinder to get stuck and possibly explode during cutting.

While not as protected as the closed shackle padlock the other benefit of the disc lock is that the shackle is protected in the circular housing. Making the lock much harder to cut the shackle.

Physically they are generally more secure than a standard padlock. But you must be careful as there are many chinses versions of these locks with terrible locking mechanisms making them very easy to pick even for the least experienced picker.

For this reason, we would recommend getting a disc lock with a disc detainer or dimple-style key so that the security of the mechanism matches the physical security of the lock.

The ABUS 20/70 and 20/80 are great examples of a good version of this lock.

Other Locks

There are many other types of locks for more specific purposes available, too many to cover here. But the basic advice is the same, if you are looking for a lock for a specific purpose match the security of the lock to the value of the item that it is protecting.

If you are looking for a lock to protect your motorbike then you shouldn’t just pay $10 for a lock to protect something worth thousands of dollars

Find a lock with the right physical security and the right mechanism for your application.

Flaws in the lock design also known as bypasses.

While this is something that is very hard to tell of discovering when looking for yourself a simple google search when looking for a lock will help you to find if the lock you are looking at has a fatal flaw that makes it unusable. There are many mass-produced locks these days that have major design flaws that allow people to bypass them in a matter of seconds. The LockPickingLawyer has discovered many and his signature saying is…

“Inexcusable design flaw”


To try and find if a lock has any design flaws before you buy, simply type into Google the lock name then the word “bypass”. You should quickly see if there are any major issues with the lock in question.

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Would love to see your recommendations for bluetooth deadbolt locks


Hi, I luv the LPL’s videos from the tech perspective, but we need affordable locks in this society… master puck locks are cheap, heavy duty, lots of accessories etc – but can be raked in 5 seconds – so USELESS AS IS…

But, the lock core and pin can be removed by the owner, easily. So where is the “unrakeable replacement core” that I can buy to upgrade my useless puck lock to at least “hard to pick” status?!? Seems like a HUGE market opportunity, or, at least I would buy a few!