kryptonite series 4 1090 chain lock

Kryptonite Evolution Series 4: Best Bike Chain Lock

There are so many bike locks out there it can really be hard to work out what is the best one for you. If you want a bike lock with good security, portability, and usability then the Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 is the lock for you. 

“Best Portable Bike Chain Lock”

What makes this lock one of the best bike locks around is not one big feature or anything spectacular. 

Build Quality and Durability

Crafted from hardened steel, the Kryptonite evolution exudes a sense of strength and durability. When held in hand, it imparts a reassuring sense of security without being overly burdensome. Over the years, this lock has braved harsh weather conditions, retaining its functionality and resilience. The only noticeable wear is the slight grime accumulation on the silicone rubber coating of the lock body.

Long-Term Performance

My four-year journey with the Kryptonite 1090 reveals its consistent performance. Functionality and security remain steadfast, though the rubber coating on the lock body has become a tad grimy and sticky.


  • 10mm manganese steel chain
  • Enclosed deadbolt locking to avoid bypass attacks
  • Hardened steel body
  • High-security disc detainer lock
  • Weather-resistant for use anywhere


With a 3/5 star rating from ART and a gold rating from Sold Secure, the Kryptonite Evolution 1090 confidently boasts its security credentials.

Its hardened steel case wards off drilling attempts, and the lock cylinder, while not entirely pick-resistant, demands specialized tools and skills. While the lock proves its mettle against hand tools, an angle grinder might eventually overpower it.

Locking Mechanism

At the heart of the Evolution Series 4 is a disc-detainer lock core, a reliable choice for security. Operating the locking mechanism is generally straightforward, though occasionally, inserting the key requires a slight jiggle. While there are no revolutionary innovations in this mechanism, it’s worth noting that the lock’s security reputation is well-deserved.

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Security Ratings

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Ease of Use

Operating the Evolution Series 4 1090 is refreshingly intuitive. It does come with a slight learning curve, such as figuring out the optimal way to secure it to the frame, but overall, its user-friendliness shines.

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Size and Portability

Although the Kryptonite 1090 is slightly weighty, its design allows for practical portability. Wrapping it around the bike frame minimizes the impact of its weight. Surprisingly, the absence of a mounting bracket didn’t prove detrimental. Wrapping it around the bike frame feels just as secure, if not more so.


Whether it’s a bike rack or a pole, the Kryptonite 1090 easily accommodates a variety of locking scenarios. Its 90cm length offers versatility, capable of securing one or even two bikes simultaneously in most cases.

If you need a different length to secure more bikes or have a lighter package for just 1 bike then there are the following options.

The shorter Evolution Series 4 1055 comes at just 55cm or 21.6 inches.

The longer Evolution Series 4 1016 comes in at 160cm or 63 inches.

Price and Value

Pricier than some cable locks, the Kryptonite 1090 delivers exceptional value in terms of both features and security. Its solid construction promises longevity, and the investment feels worthwhile for anyone seeking a reliable lock.

Comparison with Competing Locks

Against its competitors, the Kryptonite 1090 emerges as a formidable contender. Its integrated lock design adds a layer of convenience, simplifying usability compared to traditional padlock and chain combinations. The chain’s versatility is also a standout feature.

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Endorsed by the LockPickingLawyer

The LockPickingLawer does a great job of evaluating this lock.

This would be a lock that he chooses for his bike. That says a lot about the overall build and quality of this lock.


Without reservation, the Kryptonite 1090 earns a recommendation for most cyclists. Barring high-crime environments with rampant angle grinder use, this lock offers peace of mind. Its adaptability, user-friendliness, and solid security performance are particularly advantageous for commuters, students, and owners of mid-range bicycles.

In a market where U-locks often dominate, the Kryptonite 1090 breaks the mold with its exceptional versatility. So, if you’re seeking an uncompromising balance between security and convenience, the Kryptonite 1090 bike chain lock might just be your two-wheeled guardian angel.





Physical Resistance - Cutting, Twisting or Breaking





  • High-security lock and good lockpicking resistance
  • Weather resistance for long life of outdoor use
  • Portable design for day to day use
  • Anti-theft Garantee from Kryptonite
  • High-quality stainless steel keys


  • Heavy at 6.1 lb or 2.8 kgs
  • More expensive than other locks

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