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Squire Stronghold SS100CS – STRONGEST PADLOCK

This lock really is huge and if you have something that this can lock up then it surely will do the job. The hardest part about using this lock is having something that needs a lock this big and robust to secure.

On top of that, you will need to make sure that everything else it is attached to is just as strong as the padlock. For example, if you use this with a smaller diameter chain then there is really no point as it will be easier to go through the chain than the padlock itself.

“Strongest Padlock in the World – Literally Bullet Proof”

The LockPPickingLawyer


  • 20mm thick boron alloy shackle
  • Dual lock design
  • 50mm thick hardened steel body
  • Resist angle grinder attack for more than 10 minutes
  • Two high pick resistance key cylinders

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Strongest Padlock in the World – LockPickingLawyer

This padlock is the larger version of the Squire Stronghold lock that was literally bulletproof.

Proving it is the strongest padlock in the world.


This padlock is, despite being one of the largest padlocks that you can buy, the strongest padlock available. Making this one unreasonably difficult to access via brute force and you would be much better off trying to pick it and that is no easy task with its dual key system.



Pick Resistance - Lockpicking dificulty


Physical Resistance - Cutting, Twisting or Breaking


Lock Bypass Resistance - Design or Production Flaws



  • Dual Key for very high security and lockkpicking dificulty
  • Impenetrable body
  • 20mm Hardened boron stell shackle for impenetrable strength


  • HEAVY and HUGE
  • Expensive
  • Finding a door or something strong enough to need a lock of this size

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