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The LockPickingLawyer’s Face: A Mystery?

While we would love to show you a picture of the LockPickingLawyers face, he remains completely anonymous in the world of the internet. There are no known photos of him on the internet.

Harry (the LockPickingLawyer) is a private person that doesn’t want his identity known on the internet and we respect this.

Note: All photos and information in this article are taken from the internet and the LockPickingLawyer’s own videos. We respect his desire for privacy and would not intentionally release that information.

Despite being known by many people in the lockpicking community, he has managed to remain anonymous. This shows that those around him respect his wishes to stay anonymous.

While we would love to reveal the face of the LockPickingLawyer, he is obviously one of the YouTubers out there, like CGPGrey, that prefers his identity to be kept a secret.

the LockPickingLawyer’s face from his videos

Here are some screenshots from Harry’s own videos where there are some slight views of his face. As you can see he goes to a lot of effort to make sure his face is hidden in all of his videos. but sometimes there are still some little glimpses.

lockpickinglawyer face reflection
Reflection of the LockPickingLawyers Face in video 499

This photo above is one of the best views of the LockPickingLawyer’s face that we have seen in any of his videos.

Lock picking lawyer face in a video
Reflection of the LockPickingLawyers Face in video 593
Lockpickinglawyer face
lock picking lawyer face

He has also gotten better at hiding his face as time has gone on, so it’s very unlikely that we would see his face again in the future. Most of these slipups are from his earlier videos.

How Does he hide his face?

The LockPickingLawyer is known to be very careful about hiding his face in all videos and this is normally very easy.

Point the camera at the lock, and job done right?

Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it sounds. From time to time, the LockPickingLawyer has picked locks on camera that are very reflective. That makes hiding your face from the camera more difficult.

There are two simple options to fix this.

  1. Blur that part of the video in post-production.
  2. Wear a mask or something else to cover your face.

We have seen the LockPicklingLawyer employ both of these methods to remain the face behind the camera in his videos.

One of our favorites of these is the one we have used for the featured image in this article. He is wearing a truly horrific mask that I hope he does not use around his children or they will be scarred for life.

lockpickinglawyer face
Reflection of the LockPickingLawyers Face in video 809
Lockpickinglawyer video
Reflection of the LockPickingLawyers Face in video 536

If you want to know more about the LockPickingLawyer or get in contact with him. We have got all that information here.

Why Does The LockPickingLawyer Hide His Face?

As he explains in this interview with other lockpickers there are various reasons why the LockPickingLawyer hides his face and remains unknown to the world.

Really it simply comes down to wanting to keep himself and his family safe as he has had death threats from people, and he believes that his face would not add to the content that he produces. In fact, it would actually do the opposite taking the focus away from the locks that he was picking.

  1. It doesn’t improve the quality of his videos.
    Harry has also mentioned that he believes that it is a creative decision and that not showing his face adds to the videos rather than detracting from them.
    Here is what he said about it: “Seeing my face really wouldn’t add to the content, it would if anything, distract from it.”
  2. Safety for his family and himself.
    The second reason is that he and his wife prefers anonymity regarding youtube as they are worried about the repercussions of being known on the internet.
    Here is what he has to say about it: “I didn’t want internet weirdos showing up at my house think it’d be really cool to try to pick the front door of the LockPickingLawyer”

So the LockPickingLaywer has a number of good reasons why he doesn’t show his face. He has done a good job of doing it so far even when appearing on other YouTubers’ channels in their videos he conveniently stays off camera so that his face is also never seen.

As you can see by the reasons he gives below, it is very unlikely that the LockPickingLawyer will ever show his face.

You can find a list of the LockPickingLawyer’s Best Locks here

Has The LockPickingLawyer Been Seen in Public?

While the LockPickingLawyer does hide his face on his videos this does not mean that he has never been seen.

He has attended many LockSport events, competitions, and other events but his identity has remained a secret. There are many people that have seen him in real life but have not taken photos and have kept his identity to themselves.

One of these events was where he gave a Keynote speech at the Saintcon security conference in person so he would have been plainly visible to the entire audience.

Despite this, there was a no video and photo rule for his speech and everyone there respected his choice to remain anonymous.

LockPickingLawyer’s identity?

There is very little information known about the LockPickingLawyer. It is known that his first name is Harry and that he lives in the Washington DC area.

If you want to know all about him you can find more information on our page all about the LockPickingLawyer.


Unfortunately, the Identity and the face of the LockPickingLawyer continue to be a mystery to the vast majority of people that watch his videos and this is likely how it will stay.

While there are many people who would like to know who he is there are some real reasons that Harry has for not revealing his identity.

We think this is reasonable and while this does seem to be a significant challenge we hope that he does remain anonymous.

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this video shows a bit of his face

L. Oki

He’s been exposed in a tell-all before:



I came from a link on Reddit that you had posted in theLPL subredit regarding this topic and I would have replied on there but I got permaband for no reason. Anyway I think this is one of the most respectful things i’ve read in regards to LPL’s anonymity.