LockPickingLawyers Face

lockpickinglawyer face

I am sorry to disappoint, but we have been unable to find any photos or videos on the internet that show the LockPickingLawyers face.

While we would love to reveal the face of the LockPickingLawyer, he is obviously one of the YouTubers out there, like CPG grey, that prefers his identity to be kept a secret.

Why does the LockPickingLawyer hide his face?

Well, this is a very personal question, and while we have not spoken to him, there could be many reasons.

  • He could work for the US or another government and need to keep his identity secret for security reasons…
  • He could be the batman of lockpicking. Fighting lock companies that make bad locks by night and a normal member of society by day.
  • Maybe he is just that embarrassed by his April fools videos that he doesn’t want anyone to recognize him in real life.
  • Maybe it’s just to maintain some mystery for his fans and that is one of the things that keeps people coming back to watch his videos.
  • One of the most common reasons we see online and the most likely is that he is actually a lawyer, (he actually is, we aren’t joking with this one) and he needs to stay anonymous for legal reasons and for clients.

We really don’t know why he wants his face hidden. But he has done a good job of doing it so far even when appearing on other YouTubers channels in their videos they change their shooting style so that his face is also never shown in one of their videos.

Lockpickinglawyer face
lockpickinglawyers face

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How Does he hide his face?

The LockPickingLawyer is known to be very careful about hiding his face in all videos and this is normally very easy.

Point the camera at the lock, make picking the lock look like opening a chocolate bar, and job done right?

Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it sounds. From time to time, the LockPickingLawyer has picked locks on camera that are very reflective. that make hiding your face from the camera more difficult.

There are two simple options to fix this.

  1. Blur that part of the video in post-production.
  2. Wear a mask or something else to cover your face.

We have seen the LockPicklingLawyer employ both of these methods to remain the face behind the camera in his videos.

One of our favorites of these is the one we have used for the featured image in this article. He is wearing a truly horrific mask that I hope he does not use around his children or they are going to be scarred for life.

lockpickinglawyer face
Reflection of the LockPickingLawyers Face in video 809
LockPickingLawyers face
Reflection of the LockPickingLawyers Face in video 536

If you want to know more about the LockPickingLawyer or get in contact with him. We have got all the information about who the LockPickingLawyer is here.

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