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lock pick set

If you are looking for a lock pick set then you have come to the right place. We put together this list so you can find all the best lock pick kits to suit what you are looking for in one place.

Choosing lock picks is a difficult task especially for a beginner so we have basic kits here for beginners but also some advanced stuff for the pros and also some more specific lock pick tools for the odd locks out there or people who really want to try out their skills.

Lock Picking Tools

There are many different lock picking tools out there, here are the ones that we think are the best. Whether you are a locksmith or you are a beginner we have done our best to find the best option for everyone and there should easily be one you can use below.

Best Lock Pick Set

If you are looking for the best lock pick set on amazon then look no further. While it’s not the biggest set it is easily capable of doing the job and isn’t overly expensive either so if you are looking for a cheap lock pick set this is also a great choice.

If you are just starting out or you just want some more picks so that you have some spares or have another set around the house then this is a perfect setting for you. While they are not the best money can buy that’s not really the point. Although they are still quite good and you will be surprised with them. For a beginner just wanting something, or if you want something easy to throw in a survival kit then these are perfect.

The handles are a little sharp to use to start with but that’s nothing that a little sandpaper can’t fix. Other than that these are as good as any other picks you will find and they should still last you a long time as they are stainless steel and high carbon steel tips.

Amlgbed Stainless Steel Lock Pick Set

cheap lock pick set

Beginner Lock Pick Set

If you are a beginner too lockpicking then you will need something that will be easy to use. This is why we have included the two sets below for beginners that should get you well on your way to picking some more advanced locks.

Both of these kits include transparent locks for starting with. These locks will help you understand what is going on inside the lock as you are picking it. This is very important because this is how more advanced pickers seem to be able to “see inside a lock” they actually have a mental picture of what is going on inside the lock that allows them to see in their mind what is actually happening in the lock. This is a huge advantage because you are no longer just poking around inside the lock hoping for the best you are actually visualizing what is going on with each pin.

ValueVinylArt Beginner Lock Pick Set

Beginner Lock Pick Set

Professional Lock Pick Set

For a professional lockpick set, something that you can use day-to-day and will stand up to regular use or will just be high quality allowing you to pick difficult locks with ease we have looked around and found this as the perfect one for you. 

VARWANEO 24-Piece Stainless Steel Lock Pick Set

professional lock Pick set

Premium Lock Picks

If you are looking for the best lockpicks on the market, hand made, custom handles, amazing finish, and amazing attention to detail then you should go no further than Ratyoke.com

While they will probably be the most expensive picks that you will ever buy they will also be of the highest quality.

Ratyoke Premium Lock Picks

premium lock picks

Other Lock Picking Tools

There are various types of locks out there, disc detainer locks, tubular locks, combination locks, the Australian Bilock, and others. Some of these have tools to pick them like some of the ones we have featured below for some of the more common locks that you could encounter.

There are also more specific locks that need more specialized tools to pick and there are some locks where they are no tools that have been created apart from one of the tools some enthusiasts have created to pick them for sport.

One lock that has no dedicated tools and is much too strange and difficult to pick for all but the absolute lock picker is the Bowley lock. this is simply because it is a type of lock that is quite different from any other lock that has been produced. It is also very difficult to pick even with specially made tools.

Tubular Lock Pick

If you are after some tubular lockpicks then we have found a set that should do the job for you. Tubular locks come in several different sizes and they can have different numbers of pins that you will need to pick. The set below comes with 3 of the most common sizes, 7mm, 7.5mm, and 7.8mm so they should get you into most tubular locks without any issues.

WEMINC Stainless Steel Tubular Lock Pick Set

lock pick set

Disc Detainer Lock Pick

While there are some cheaper lockpicks out there we could not go past this one that was designed by the LockPickingLawyer and Bosnian Bill, then produced by Sparrows.

If you have seen any of the LockPickingLawyers videos then you have undoubtedly heard the line “The Pick That BosnianBill and I Made” and this is the finished product.

This is by far the best disc pick out there, not just because it was designed by the LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill but because it also incorporates a lot of feedback from the community to make it as good as it can be.

lock pick set

SPARROWS Community Disc Pick

disc detainer pick

Dimple Lock Picks

There are not a lot of options out there for dimple picks and this is most likely the case due to the fact that dimple locks are not that common. While we are sure you have come across one they are definitely not the most common type of lock around.

that being said there is a market for picks for these types of locks especially for enthusiasts and professional lockpickers. As with all gear by sparrows these dimple picks don’t disappoint, they are one of the best in the market, and no matter what your picking level these will do a great job for you.

Sparrows Black Flag Dimple Pick Set

dimple picks

Preparing New Lockpicks

There is a general consensus among lockpickers that most of the lockpicks sold today are not actually finished perfectly for use when they are sent from the manufacturer, this even applies to the high-quality sets.

The issue is that the corners of the picks are not rounded off before they are sent to the customer and while the picks can be used perfectly fine like this it can cause the picks to be sticky in a lock as they can bind up on the internals of the lock. This is why it is recommended to get some fine sandpaper and just smooth off all your picks a little so that there are no overly sharp edges on the picks.

This has the added benefit of softening the picks so that they are nicer to handle also. Just don’t go too far with your sanding, you still need to keep the shape of the picks and some edge is good for feeling the internals of the lock.

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