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Squire Locks: Trusted for More Than 240 Years…

Squire Locks have been around for a long time. They are one of those strong and reputable British brands that have withstood the test of time. Similar to brands like Mini, Lock & Co (hats, not security products), and Aston Martin. Squire has created, developed, and maintained high-quality products that its customers can rely on.

​History of the Squire Lock Company

Squire Locks are independent lock makers that have been a family business for around eight generations and over 240 years. They got started about the time of the Napoleonic Wars and helped make hardware for the military. 

After the wars, as people prospered and began to take measures to secure their new wealth, Squire Locks built their first door and cabinet locks. They constructed mortise locks for their client’s homes. 

As mortise locks were phased out with the material changes of furniture and house construction, the company turned its focus on padlocks. 

history of squire locks factory

In 1939, as the Second World War began to cause turmoil in Europe, Squire was hired by the British Army to engineer metal guns and torpedo parts. This allowed Squire to improve their machinery and develop talented metalworkers.

Following the war, prosperity and security needs both grew. In the 1950s, Squire developed and launched their iconic Old English and Laminated locks. Locks are still being produced and sold to this day. 

In 1963, the company launched its first bike locks and has continued to improve these locks. We are excited to explore advancements in this field and explore their modern inigma™ locks and their use of Bluetooth technology within their tough bike locks.

Locker rooms rejoiced when Squire developed the world’s first heavy-duty combination padlock called the CP1 in 1988 following the launch of their HS4 Bronze high-security padlock. This lock has kept dirty gym clothes safe for the past 34 years. 

In the 1990s, the flagship Stronghold® CEN grade padlock was released and has since gone through steady improvements over the years. The Stronghold® lock has been continually developed and strengthened to its present-day dual-core, closed shackle design.

Squire Locks further improved its CP combination lock line of products into a bestseller during the early 2000s. 

Squire SS80CS
Squire Stronghold SS80S

In 2012, the Squire Stronghold® brand became the first LPCB-approved high-security padlock. 

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) is a security rating group under the BRE Group that uses third-party companies to test and rate fire and security products. Their certifications are recognized worldwide and their products are promoted by insurers.

At the end of the decade, Squire introduced the world to the Stronghold® SS80S padlock, capable of pulling 16 tons with its 2-kilogram lock. A few years later, they followed up with the SS100CS padlock. 

Squire Locks has clearly proven to be the makers of strong and durable locks over the centuries. We are excited to see what they release next and the new improvements and technology they include in their future products.


squire old padlock

Squire Locks’ innovation goes back to their creation of the lever locks used in the wars. 

A mainstay that the company continues to produce and sell is the iconic 660 Old English padlock, from 1954. The lock’s 4 lever mechanism and covered keyhole design work well for marine applications. 

In 1988, Squire introduced the CP1 combination lock. Like other locks in the company line, the shackles are made of tough steel. Resetting the combination is made easy without any special tools. 

Be aware, however, that BosnianBill demonstrated a fairly easy way to decode these locks in this video

Their latest innovation has been developing Bluetooth integrated technology in their inigma™ line of bike locks. These locks allow its users to unlock the lock via an app on their Android or Apple device. 

They have even allowed the ability to share the security access, allowing people you trust to open your lock. This is a great option and saves the headache of sharing keys or lock combinations. 

Squire Combination Locks

Squire makes combination locks that are durable and tough against the elements but have their flaws. We would only recommend these locks for use in low to medium-security situations. 

​Squire CP50 Combination Lock

​Squire CP50 Combination Lock

The CP50 is Squire’s best-selling lock for a reason. They are easy to use, reliable, and decodable.

On Squire’s security rating system, it scores a “5”. We agree with Squire’s recommended use for low to medium-security settings. 

BosnianBill showed how easy it is to “decode”, so I would follow their recommendation for security applications. 

The CP50 Combination Lock has security built in to protect it from a quick pick attack and looks like a high-quality lock. 

Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 1 star bosnianbill

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Henry Squire Warrior Combi 65 Combination Padlock

​Squire Warrior Combi 65 Lock

The Warrior Combi is another great option for outdoor use in low-security environments. 

Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 2 stars

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​Squire Padlocks

Squire’s padlocks are one of the reasons the company has been around for so long. They are imposing locks in look and their weight. 

They are built to withstand many attacks including being shot.

​Squire SS80CS

Squire SS80CS
Squire SS80CS Padlock

The SS80S (the CS variety is the closed shackle type) is a great all-around lock. 

It was given a CEN Rating of 6 meaning it scored for providing maximum security. This ensures the lock has been tested against various attacks on the lock and locking mechanism. 

It was also rated by highly LPCB and recommended by insurers and governments. Sold Secure rates it as Motorcycle Gold. 

The lock features a boron alloy steel shackle. The lock is covered in plastic thus allowing it to be used in any environment.

Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 5 stars lockpickinglawyer best bosnianbill sold secure gold CEN Padlock Security Rating 6

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​Squire SS100CS padlock

Squire ss100cs
Squire SS100CS High-Security Padlock

This is Squire’s latest Stronghold® lock release and it is a whopper.

The lock is ridiculously large at over 9 pounds and nearly 4 inches wide. The plastic cover makes it even larger. 

It has been tested and provided to be corrosion-resistant and weather-proof. 

Much like the SS80S, it was highly rated by LPCB, Sold Secure, and CEN. LPCB gave it its highest ever rating of Security Rating 4 for a padlock. It scored a CEN 6 Plus Approved. 

It requires two keys as the lock actually has two cores. Despite the LockPickingLawyer making it look fairly easy, one would be required to pick two 6-pin cylinders. That is going to give a lot of people trouble. 

You can safely secure your prized possessions knowing someone won’t be able to easily destroy this lock. Don’t believe me? Check out this video from the LockPickingLawyer where he and BosnianBill shoot this lock with high-caliber rifle rounds. 

Security Ratings

lockjudge best locks 5 stars lockpickinglawyer best bosnianbill sold secure gold CEN Padlock Security Rating 6

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​Squire Bike Locks

Squire was one of the first locksmiths to create bike locks and we are thankful for it. They have impressed us over the years with their improvements in quality and security. 

Earlier we mentioned their line of inigma™ locks. They are Bluetooth-enabled locks that can be unlocked with an app on your phone. 

Inigma BL1

history of locks

The BL1 bike lock doesn’t look like your standard D-lock. It’s got a great futuristic look to it. 

The lock is nearly 4 pounds with its 0.5-inch boron steel shackle. Despite it seeming thin, it scored really well with Sold Secure, as it was given the Gold Bicycle rating. 

This rating states it would be a great look for mid to high-value bicycles. 

The British Standards Institute Kitemark certifications gave it high praise for the “Secure Digital Applications” category. 

With the enigma lock technology, you are getting cool Bluetooth locking capabilities. The technology has military-grade encryption and is available on Apple and Android devices. 

lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold

Coming Soon

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​Stronghold IC/850

history of locks

This bike lock is from Squire’s line of Stronghold® Cycle Range locks.

 The IC, or Integrated Chain/850,  is my favorite out of the 3 options. The other options include a folding lock and D-lock.

The IC/850 is 850 mm or 33 inches for those on the other side of the pond, giving plenty of lengths to work with to secure your bikes.

The chain is a 10mm square alloy steel that is wrapped in a fabric with the intent of interfering with an angle grinder attack. 

The lock scores a 10 by Squire themselves. Sold Secure rates it a Bicycle Diamond, which as of 2020 is their highest rating possible

We would recommend this lock to anyone in the market. 

lockjudge best locks 5 stars sold secure diamond

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Squire Locks has a long history of creating solid locks. Going with one of their Stronghold® products will allow you to sleep well. 

It is great to see an old company innovate and include new technology like Bluetooth into their products. 

They back their locks up with a 10-year personal guarantee. Simply return the lock to Squire and they will replace it for you. 

Squire Locks make great products and we recommend them as a great option for high-security applications. 

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