Who is the lockpickinglawyer

Who is the LockPickingLawyer?

The LockPickingLawyer, despite being a YouTube celebrity with over 4 Million subscribers, is one of the most secretive YouTube creators and has never revealed his face or complete identity in any of his videos or on the internet.

With his own memes, catchphrases, and more he has spawned a whole new wave of lock-picking enthusiasts all around the world.

First we have to turn all the discs as far clockwise as they will go, then I will get the pick that BosnianBill and I made.

the lockpickinglawyer

His videos range from 2 minutes up to longer videos of around 10, and in these videos, he mostly picks open different locks showing their weaknesses. But he also has many other videos where he shows how badly built many security products are.

He has tested, safes, bike locks, gun locks, padlocks, and much more on his channel and this is one of the things that makes his channel so entertaining.

We know you want to know who the Lock Picking Lawyer is so we put together this article with all the available information about him and his life we could get.

About the LockPickingLawyer

lockpickinglawyer best

The LockPickingLawyer is a YouTube creator, and a Lawyer although he no longer practices law, and now works in the security industry.

He lives in Damascus, MD 20872 near the city of Washington.

He is married, with at least 1 child and he is 39 years old as of 2022.

Side note: The LockPickingLawyer is not a Locksmith, but he is an active member of the Locksport Community.

What is LockPickingLawyer’s Real Name?

The LockPickingLawyer’s first name is Harry. His last name is not known and this is because Harry prefers to be only known by his YouTube name and not have his identity linked to his YouTube profile.

There are several tweets that name the LockPickingLawyer by his first name but there are no sources we have discovered that show his full name. 

lockpickinglawyer name

Bosnian Bill also calls him by his first name, harry, in this video where the LockPickingLawyer goes to get some challenging locks that Bosnian Bill has been unable to pick.

How did the LockPickingLawyer get started on YouTube?

Harry, the Lock Picking Lawyer, has been interested in lockpicking since he was a child but never had enough knowledge for it to become anything serious until he came across the YouTube account of BosnianBill, a fellow YouTube lockpicker that has now retired.

After finding Bosnian Bill’s account he began picking locks more seriously and getting involved with locksport, about 4 months later after realizing that he was good at lockpicking he started his YouTube channel and posted his first video on Jun 25, 2015.

lockpickinglawyer youtube account

In the early days of the LockPickingLawyers channel on YouTube, he created several videos showing some terrible security flaws in Masterlock padlocks.

In response to this Masterlock decided to send him firmly worded cease and desist letters from their legal team.

For most people, this would probably scare them away and they would remove those videos and stop creating videos like that in the future.

Not the LockPickingLawyer…

As he is a lawyer he knew his rights and what the company was actually capable of. Nothing really, so this served more as a battle cry rather than a deterrent.

He has made many more videos like this since safe in the knowledge that Masterlock or any companies like them can’t really take any action against him.

This was the source of his passion for showing the flaws in security products in the hopes of moving the security industry forward.

Is the LockPickingLawyer an actual lawyer?

Yes, well he was… The Lock Picking Lawyer retired as a lawyer in 2021 after 15 years of practicing law in corporate governance based in the Washington DC area. This is how he originally came up with the name the LockPickingLawyer.

So while he was a lawyer when he started his YouTube channel he is not a practicing lawyer anymore. Not that this has affected his lockpicking skills at all. He now works in the security industry where he consults with companies on locks and security products and also maintains his YouTube channel uploading regularly.

He did say that he was a lawyer in this post on Reddit back near the start of his YouTube channel. 

is the lockpickinglawyer a lawyer

The LockPickingLawyer’s Mission

Harry has long been passionate about locks and the failures of the lock industry. Various times he has mentioned how unhappy he is with the state of the security industry and some of the largest companies in it seem so set in their ways and the apparent unwillingness to improve their products.

He spoke of security-by-obscurity in a keynote in SAINTCON where he performs numerous live demonstrations to highlight the issue in the industry. The issue is that many many lock makers, rely on consumers not knowing about significant security issues in their products to keep them “safe”. This is the idea that if no one knows about the problem then it won’t be used or exploited.

The biggest problem with assuming this is that it is simply not true. These issues are known about and exploited, so the basis of Security-by-obscurity falls apart from the outset. Except when it comes to the average consumer that doesn’t know better.

For obvious reasons, this is not sound logic and one that affect many people every day. This is exactly why we here at LockJudge are committed to this same mission as the LockPickingLawyer. To promote good products with high levels of security and not just those that are most sold.

In practice, the LockPickingLawyer has had two kinds of responses to his videos from the makers of the locks.

  1. The “MasterLock” Response
    This is simply where they try to threaten legal action and order cease and desist on the videos.
    Fortunately, this usually works against them because LPL is actually a lawyer himself so these empty threats have no effect, furthermore he will usually highlight that this has happened in future videos so it actively works against the companies in question.
  2. The Right Response
    The correct response to having a lock shamed by the LockPickingLawyer is to try to improve your design and ask for him to try again.
    Responding positively and engaging with the issue, has meant that companies have received praise from Harry, even when their new designs still have issues. This is because they have shown the correct attitude and that they are willing to improve.

If only more companies engaged with the feedback and improved their designs the industry would be making much more progress.

Contacting the LockPickingLawyer

You can email the LockPickingLawyer at the following email address. 

Email: lockpickinglawyer@gmail.com

You can send him a lock or a package with this address:

P.O. Box 215
Damascus, MD 20872

Note: If you plan to send him a package you need to get approval from him first.

Alternatively, you can send him a direct message via one of his social media profiles mentioned above, like Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram where you can open a chat with him. 

LockPickingLaywer Social Media accounts

The LockPickingLawyer is active on a number of social networks with these accounts. While youtube is where he posts all his videos he is most active on other accounts like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Reddit – LockPickingLawyer

Twitter – LockPickingLwyr

Instagram – LockPickingLawyer

Facebook – LockPickingLawyer

He is active on a number of social media accounts mostly Twitter and Reddit.

LockPickingLawyer’s Website

The LockPickingLawyer has also created an online store where you can buy lockpicking tools designed by him along with other tools that he uses himself and recommends.

You can find some products in the store like the LockPickingLawyer pick set, and other LockPickingLawyer tools.

Website: CovertInstruments.com

Pictures of the LockPickingLawyer

While shooting a video with Bosnian Bill we see some of the biggest reveals of the LockPickingLawyer on the internet. In the photo below you can see him attempting to pick the lock of the garage owned by Bosnian Bill.

who is the lockpickinglawyer
Lockpickinglawyer face

This next image is one of the best shots of the LockPickingLawyer’s face that we have found. We have some other information and pictures in our article about the Lockpickinglawyers face here.

What locks does LockPickingLawyer recommend?

While the LockPickingLawyer does not recommend locks directly we have put together some lists of the ones he believes are some of the best on the market.

The LockPickingLawyer is actually a lawyer in real life, so we think that he would stay away from making direct recommendations apart from locks that really are something special.

What Tools Does the LockPickingLawyer Use?

We believe that the LockPickingLawyer has a large number of tools, we know that he also has a work shed where we have seen him cut safes in half, and use his ramset gun to blast through many padlocks and other locks.

We have also seen him use a lot of different lock picks, we have seen almost all lockpicks currently available online.

We made a big list of the tools the LockPickingLawyer uses you can find them here. Including the daily-carry toolkit that he keeps in his pocket.

lockpickinglawyer tools

Other Facts about the LockPickingLawyer

Here are a couple of other interesting facts that we found while researching the LockPickingLawyer that we thought you might like.

What is the LockPickingLawyers Favorite Drink?

As mentioned in several of his videos, one of his favorite drinks is Lagavulin 16, and also likes Bushmills 21. Several Viewers have sent him bottles including this one that was sent with a Puzzle lock on it.

Who is the LockPickingLawyers Wife?

If you have been wondering who the lockpicking lawyer’s wife is, unfortunately, there is little information available on the internet.

What we do know is that she is Russian, and she has assisted the LockPickingLawyer with translations for some of his packages.

We also know that she is not overly interested in Lockpicking and when challenged by her husband with a lock placed on the ice cream she ingeniously bypassed the lock completely. You can see that here.

The LockPickingLawyer prefers to keep his identity hidden on the internet something that he has mentioned that his wife is very much in favor of also.

While it doesn’t happen a lot this is one video where the LockPickingLawyer does mention his wife. Although not in a way we think she would really enjoy.

While we are sure she is ultimately supportive of her husband’s work in creating these videos obviously this one she finds a little embarrassing, to show friends at least. As shown in this tweet by the LockPickingLawyer.

lockpickinglawyer wife

LockPickingLawyer Net Worth

We will start by saying that as far as we know the LockPickingLawyer has never revealed his income so we can only speculate on his income.

The website Networth.com says that the overall net worth of the LockPickingLawyer is somewhere around $4.58 Million. If you want to see how they worked that out you can visit their page here.

Youtube income

According to the website Socialblade, with 4.1 million subscribers, his income is somewhere from $7k – $124k per month from youtube at the time of writing this article.

Other income

As we learned above the LockPickingLaywer is no longer a lawyer as a day job. He has now left the world of law to work primarily in the security industry. We can expect that at least part of his income will now be coming from consulting and working with lock manufacturers.

Lastly, there is his income from his website covertinstruments.com, but again without knowing the cost and volume of users on the site it is almost impossible to make any assumptions.

While the LockPickingLawyer does undoubtedly make quite a bit of money he has openly said in interviews that he is not interested in making lockpicking and youtube his primary job. It has always will be for him a hobby and one that he finds fun.

Questions about the LockPickingLawyer

Is there a lock the LockPickingLawyer couldn’t pick?

Yes, The LockPickingLawyer has never picked the Bowley Lock and has his own “naughty bucket” of locks that he is yet to defeat.

While it is known that there are locks that he is yet to defeat there is little known about what locks and how many there are that he is not able to pick.

What lockpick set does the LockPickingLawyer use?

The LockPickingLawyer uses a variety of lock picks and tools, from various sets. But he mostly uses the standard hook from CovertInstruments.

You can find a complete list of the tools he uses here.

What happened to the LockPickingLawyer?

Harry, the LockPickingLawyer retired as a lawyer to while continuing his YouTube channel and a career working in security.

He continues to make YouTube Videos and has his online lock pick store, CovertInstruments.


We hope this article about the LockPickingLawyer has given you the information that you were after. If you have any more info we have not included or want us to find out more information leave a comment or send us an email.

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I honestly thought it was just a name and he wasn’t really a lawyer. Thanks for the info it was interesting cuz he keeps his information really guarded.

Won Tu

Hey, I figured out who he is. Let me know if you’d like to know


What are his initials, then?

Won Tu


Jay Carter

You overstate what he does. He does not test locks on camera. He tests them off camera and then after he gets it down, he opens it on camera. There is a reason he has never failed to open a lock on camera, and it isn’t that he has never failed to open a lock.

E. Zach Lee Wright

Having watched many (but not all) of LPL’s videos, it appears to me that he is very transparent about his work, does not claim to be able to pick all locks, and uses editing to improve the “watchability” of his videos. He spends hours on each video which we don’t have to (or in your case “get to”) watch. If he cannot pick a lock or disasymble it he simply does not put the video up. I doubt you would either. Salute to Harry!


I read elsewhere his name is Preston? There’s a picture of him.