Who is the LockPickingLawyer?

Who is the lockpickinglawyer

The LockPickingLawyer is a YouTube creator but is actually a lawyer based in Damascus, MD 20872 near the city of Washington.

We believe that he is married with at least 1 child that we know of. Also, we believe that he is 37 years old in 2020.

He primarily creates videos of him picking open various types of locks on camera. He also tests the security claims of lock manufacturers and also shows some destructive opening techniques for opening various types of locks. 

He creates these videos with the goal of improving the standard of locks produced by manufacturers and educating consumers on the best locks they can get for their money. 

LockPickingLaywer Social Media

The LockPickingLawyer is active on a number of social networks with these accounts. While youtube is where he posts all his videos he is most active on other accounts like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

YouTube – LockPickingLawyer

Reddit – LockPickingLawyer

Twitter – LockPickingLwyr

Instagram – LockPickingLawyer

Facebook – LockPickingLawyer

LockPickingLawyer’s Website

The LockPickingLawyer has also created an online store where you can buy lockpicking tools designed by him along with other tools that he uses himself and recommends.

You can find some products in the store like the LockPickingLawyer pick set, and other LockPickingLawyer tools.

Website: CovertInstruments.com

Pictures of the LockPickingLawyer

While shooting a video with Bosnian Bill we see some of the biggest reveals of the LockPickingLawyer on the internet. Is the photo below you can see him attempting to pick the lock of the garage owned by Bosnian Bill.

who is the lockpickinglawyer
Lockpickinglawyer face

In this next image is one of the best shots of the LockPickingLawyer’s face that we believe exists. We have some other information and pictures on our post about the Lockpickinglawyers face.

Contacting the LockPickingLawyer IRL

You can email the LockPickingLawyer at the following email address. 

Email: lockpickinglawyer@gmail.com

You can send him a lock or a package with this address:

P.O. Box 215
Damascus, MD 20872

Or you can send him a direct message via one of his social media profiles like Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram where you can open a chat with him. 

What Tools Does the LockPickingLawyer Use?

We believe that the LockPickingLawyer has a large number of tools, we know that he also has a work shed where we have seen him cut safes in half, use his ramset gun to blast through many padlocks and other locks.

We have also seen him use a lot of different lock picks, we have seen almost all lockpicks currently available online.

Click here to see some of the LockPickingLawyers tools and the daily carry toolkit that he keeps in his pocket.

lockpickinglawyer tools

What is the LockPickingLawyers Favorite Drink?

As mentioned is several of his videos, one of his favorite drinks is Lagavulin 16. Several Viewers have sent him bottles including this one that was sent with a Puzzle lock on it.

Is the LockPickingLawyer really a lawyer?

Yes, the LockPickingLawyer IRL (in real life) is an attorney based in the Washington DC area. But there is no specific information on what kind of lawyer he is or if he owns his own practice.

He did say that he was a lawyer in this post on Reddit back near the start of his YouTube channel. 

is the lockpickinglawyer a lawyer

What is the LockPickingLawyer’s Name? 

The LockPickingLawyer’s first name is Harry. His last name is not known and this is because Harry prefers to be only known by his YouTube name and not have his identity linked to his YouTube profile.

There are several tweets that name the LockPickingLawyer by his first name but there are no sources we have discovered that show his full name. 

lockpickinglawyer name

Bosnian Bill also calls him by his first name, harry, in this video where the LockPickingLawyer goes to get some challenge locks that Bosnian Bill has been unable to pick.

Who is the LockPickingLawyers Wife?

If you have been wondering who the lockpicking lawyer’s wife is, unfortunately, this information is not available on the internet. The LockPickingLawyer prefers to keep his identity hidden on the internet this means knowing his wife is even more difficult.

He does speak about his wife in this video though.

While we are sure she is ultimately supportive of her husband’s work in creating these videos obviously this one she finds a little embarrassing, to show friends at least. As shown in this tweet by the LockPickingLawyer.

lockpickinglawyer wife

When did the LockPickingLawyer start making videos?

The LockPickingLaywer posted his first video to YouTube on Jun 25, 2015. Since then he has posted thousands of videos of him opening many various types of locks.

What lock does LockPickingLawyer recommend?

While the LockPickingLawyer does not recommend locks directly we have put together a list of the locks that he believes are some of the best on the market. You can find that list here.

The LockPickingLawyer IRL is actually a Lawyer so we think that he would stay away from making direct recommendations apart from locks that really are something special.


We hope this article about the LockPickingLawyer IRL (in real life) has given you the information that you were after. if you have any more info we have not included or want us to find out some information for you then please let us know.

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I honestly thought it was just a name and he wasn’t really a lawyer. Thanks for the info it was interesting cuz he keeps his information really guarded.