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Mul-T-Lock: The Ultimate High-Security Solution

Mul-T-lock is a renowned leader in manufacturing and developing high-security products and access control solutions.

Mul-T-Lock cylinders and deadbolts offer the best protection on the market.

The Israeli-based company uses intricate technologies to provide a wide array of locking solutions that fits your needs. Its patented cylinder platforms are designed for utmost flexibility and convenience.

One of the best ways of securing your lives and property is by having a secured door lock. With a well-protected door lock, you rest assured of the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings.

However, finding a secured door lock could be a daunting task for those who may not know how to identify high-quality door locks. With increased burglary and forced home entry activities in many major cities worldwide, you must choose a high-security door lock that guarantees your safety.

Although several door locks have impressive security functionalities, Mul-t-locks products easily stand out from the pack.


Mul-T-lock is an Israeli company founded by Avraham Bachri and Moshe Dolev in 1973.

The inspiration behind Mul-T-lock was due to a customer’s request to install four extra locks for her door. Bachri and Dolev then designed a “multi-point locking system”, which their company was structured around.

This company is one of the most renowned names in the security industry and has gained popularity over the years by providing reliable security. The company was later acquired by ASSA-ABLOY group in 2000

Mul-T-lock offers high-quality security locking products that ensure the safety of lives and properties.

The company uses innovative technology that delivers multiple layers of protection for your door locks. Mul-T-locks patented locking solutions are designed for both residential and commercial applications.

The Israeli-based company uses intricate technologies to provide a wide array of locking solutions that fits your needs. Its patented cylinder platforms are designed for utmost flexibility and convenience.

Mul-T-lock high-security lock solutions deliver immense value for users as they are well known for their durability, adaptability, and performance.

The main features of their cylinder platforms include advanced key copy control, improved intrusion protection and obstruction to picks, drills, pumps, and cylinder manipulation.

Mul-T-Lock, locking solutions are affordable and available on numerous shopping platforms despite their high-level security capabilities.

Benefits Of Switching To A Mul-T-Lock

Unlike traditional door hardware that can be picked in seconds, Mul-T-locks offer great resistance to bumping and picking, brute force and other entry techniques.

High-security Mul-T-locks cylinders effectively enhance the security of your existing door hardware.

You can hire a locksmith to switch your existing lock cylinders if you desire greater door security for your home. The following are some benefits of switching to a Mul-T-Lock cylinder.

Enhanced Deadbolt Security

Mul-T-Lock deadbolts offer some of the best security functionality compared to other deadbolts today. However, traditional deadbolts are quite vulnerable as they can easily be breached with lock picks, brute-forced, or opened with other tools.

However, the situation is quite different with Mul-T-Lock deadbolts. Having passed some of the industry’s most stringent tests, Mul-T-Lock deadbolts are the real deal in door lock security.

They come with two interlocking deadbolt bearings that enhance their resistance to picks and bumping. Their deadbolts are available in various formats, including single, double, and captive key designs.

The LockPickingLawyer has also tried his hand at Mul-t-locks a number of times in the past, but even with his skills, they are still a significant chanllenge.

Benefits of Mul-t-locks

  • Strong resistance to picking and bumping
  • Strong brute force resistance due to innovative features
  • Great anti-drill defence as all locks include many anti-drill elements to stop attackers

Mul-T-Lock cylinders and deadbolts are constructed with durable materials such as tough steel that enhances resistance to forced entries.

Mul-t-locks patented technology offers the best protection against picking, bumping, prying, and drilling. With Mul-T-Lock, you rest assured of the safety and protection of your valuables.

Key Copy Control Feature

One of the main benefits of switching to Mul-T-Lock is its key control feature. Traditional keys are easy to duplicate, and anyone can make a copy once they get access to it.

With Mul-T-Lock, your keys can only be duplicated by an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer. You would also be required to show your official key order card.

The implication is that no one can make a copy of your key, even if they get access to it.

  • Compatible with other door hardware brands

Mul-T-Lock’s high-security cylinders can work with other major locksets brands such as Schlage, Emtek, Baldwin, etc. As a result, you don’t have to worry about maintaining designer door hardware with a high-security feature.

Multiple keying options

Mul-T-Lock cylinder platforms have several keying options ranging from master keying, keyed differently, and keyed alike. With Mul-T-lock cylinder systems, you do not need to carry about many keys, as you can key all your locks to open with just a single key.

MUL-T-LOCK Deadbolts

Mul-t-lock makes a range of high-security deadbolts that are among the best you will get. With their extremely high-security cylinders, great brute force and drill protection you can’t go wrong with these locks for keeping your home safe. But they are on the expensive side so if you want something a bit cheaper you can have a look at LockJudge’s best door locks.

Mul-t-lock MT5+ Hercular Single Cylinder deadbolt

Mul-t-lock Hercular MT5+ Single Cylinder deadbolt

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Mul-t-lock Hercular Captive key Deadbolt

Mul-t-lock MTL600 Hercular Double Cylinder Captive key Deadbolt

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MUL-T-LOCK Cylinders

If you already have door locks in your home and don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of changing them all over then you are in luck as they have made a set of high-security lock cylinders that can go directly into existing Schlage and Yale locks (will fit others too if they take one of these standard sizes).

This means that you can still get the high security of Mul-T-Lock cores without the high price.

MT5+ Schlage Type Interchangeable Core Cylinder

Mul-t-lock MT5+ Schlage type Interchangeable Core Cylinder

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MT5+ Yale Type Interchangeable Core Cylinder

Mul-t-lock MT5+ Yale Type Interchangeable Core Cylinder

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Mul-t-lock MT5+ Cylinder

Rekey MT5+ Mul-t-lock Cylinder

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MUL-T-LOCK Padlocks

Mul-t-lock also uses their high-security lock cores in a range of padlocks, these are some very high quality and very secure Padlocks and rival those of other manufacturers like ABUS, Squire and Bowley.

TSR Round Padlock

mul-t-lock tsr padlock

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C-Series #8 Padlock

history of locks

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MT5+ C-Series #10 Padlock

Mul-T-Lock c-series #10 Padlock

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Mul-t-lock TR 100 Puck Lock

mul t lock tr100 puck lock

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Mul-T-Lock Classic

mul-t-lock classic

Patented in 1977, this Mul-T-Lock telescoping design is known as the Classic. This Mul-T-Lock features four or five telescoping pin stacks. The Classic is a simple lock that requires a pin to be raised to the correct position. Once the pins are adequately positioned at the shear line, the plug can rotate.

Telescoping Pin System

This lock features a telescoping pin system. As a result, it looks like a dimple lock from the outside. However, when disassembled, it reveals a distinct appearance of both the tumbler and the plug.

The mechanism is quite simple. When an incorrect key is used, the inner and outer pairs are misaligned, which causes the shear line to get blocked by one or both sides of the pin.

Keying Specifications

Key duplication is quite difficult with Classic Mul-T-Locks as cut keys allow telescoping pins to be raised to different heights. In addition, all classic keys are tip stopped as further insertion is prevented by the tip of the key reaching the back of the lock.

Classic Keys has three styles of bow that identify it. In addition, the key bow comes in three different colours, with the black plastic square-shaped bow being the most prevalent.

Forced Entry Protection

The Classic Mul-T-Lock has features that make it resistant to forced entry. There are two versions of anti forced entry components. The UL version is known to provide better resistance to forced Entry or destructive attacks.


The Classic Mul-T-Lock is a decent security cylinder for residential applications and small office spaces. Although newer models have displaced it, you can still buy them from several online vendors and locksmiths.

Mul-T-lock Interactive

mul t lock interactive

The Mu-T-Lock Interactive has a similar design to the Classic. Patented in 1994, the Mul-T-Lock Interactive has a four or five-dimple lock that uses a telescopic pin tumbler.

Mul-T-Lock interactive provides better security and resistance against key bumping and unauthorized key duplication than the Classic Key.

How Do Mul-T-Locks Interactive Locks Work?

The Mul-T-Lock patented high-security cylinders work with a special telescopic pin mechanism with internal and external pins. These internal and external shear lines must be aligned simultaneously for the lock’s plug to rotate properly.

The specific plugs work with a personal structure requiring plug pins to align, creating a 3-dimensional shear line that forms a perfect square. Its inserted steel supports the lock’s anti-drilling capability and bolsters its picking resistance.

Keying Specification

The Interactive has a distinct look due to its moving element, which looks like a magnet. The moving element can lift a pin stack higher than the top of a keyway which is impossible for a normal key. In addition, the Interactive allows extra pin sizes known as Z and 0 for outer and inner pins.

Side warding in the Interactive is limited due to the presence of side pins. The Interactive uses three styles of a key bow, two of which are distinct.

Master Keying

The Interactive uses a sophisticated system of keying. It uses three types of traditional master pins. The solid master pin provides master keying for both inner and outer pins.

Similarly, the external master and the inner master provide master keying for individual pin stacks. Note that we must always consider the pinning rules when master keying locks.


The Mul-T-Lock Interactive has better and improved security features than the Classic. Similarly, directly casting a key is difficult with the Interactive, giving it an edge over the Classic.

Mul-T-Lock CLIQ

mul t lock cliq

The CLIQ is among the latest versions of the Mul-T-Lock series. Patented in 2004, the CLIQ combines the interactive cylinder with an electronic authentication system known as CLIQ.

It shares the same mechanical portion of the key lock with the Interactive. The major differences between CLIO and the Interactive include the CLIO component on the bow of the key and inside the plug and cylinder of the lock itself.

The electronic components of the bow make the CLIO unique from other types of keys. The key bows come in several colours with an electronic component embedded on the inside.

A large section of the plug is fitted with an electronic component that helps to power the CLIO. In addition, you would find a sidebar like a system at the bottom of the cylinder and plug, which is used to impede the rotation of the plug until after authentication.

Electronic Communication

Electronic communication in the CLIQ occurs when a contact on the side of the key connects with the inside of the lock. As a result, the key sends a small pulse to power the lock. These proceeds are known as the Wake-up signal by Mul-T-Lock.

The CLIQ key and lock communicate using 3DES encryption, and the company claims there are 2 64 possible authentication combinations. In addition, Mul-T-lock provides tokens through several software packages and reprogramming keys.


The Synergy, a traditional interactive key with an RFID transponder in the key bow, is a similar system with unique features.

The CLIQ bow includes a system with a transponder making it possible for the SynerCLIQ to be identified. Compared to standard CLIQ keys, the key bow has a striking logo.


CLIQ lock model is one of the most advanced locks of the Mul-T-Lock series. Although the basic anti forced entry components are similar to other models, the electric component makes it hard for secret attacks.

The Mul-T-Locks Interactive CLIQ is significantly more expensive than most Mul-T-Lock models. As a result, Its high price restricts its usage to only sensitive applications.

Mul-T-Lock MT5/MT5+

mul t lock mt5 mt5+

The MT5 is the most recent Mul-T-Lock design. It is named MT5 because it is the fifth generation of Mul-T-Locks.

 The MT5 represents a significant improvement over the earlier designs. This high-security cylinder has extra key control and an aversion to compromise.

Alpha Spring

The Alpha spring is located near the tip of the key and connects with the sixth pin tumbler pair.

Once you insert the plug walls, lift the Alpha spring into the key. The Alpha Spring gets pushed up when the plug walls are fully inserted, raising the Alpha chamber’s pin.

MT5+ Sidebar

The use of the sidebar is a significant improvement over the other MT5 models. The sidebar features nickel silver and is located at the bottom of the watch.

Four free-floating sliders, also known as finger pins, interact with the sidebar via small gates. In addition, there are false gates that surround the true gate that provides pick resistance. Locksmiths who can make MT5+ keys do so using blanks with no sidebar bitting.

Key Specifications

The standard MT5 key functions similarly to a traditional Mul-T-Lock telescoping key and is almost identical to the Interactive. The MT5+ intriguing feature is that it uses both the top and bottom of the blade.

The telescoping pins are on one side, and the sidebar pins are on the other. Even though both versions use traditional telescoping pins cuts, the MT5+ has a milled track for the sidebar.

Forced Entry Resistance

The MT5+ has similar anti forced entry components to other previous models. It also features a ball bearing below the bottom steel rod. The sidebar plays a great role in providing additional resistance to many forced entry techniques.


The MT5+ is the best Mul-T- Lock cylinder compared to others from a mechanical standpoint. It provides a wide range of safeguards against forceful and none forceful Entry. The Alpha spring is intriguing. However, it works on the same principle as the Interactive moving system.

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