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7 Top Motorcycle Locks: Unbeatable Security

A motorcycle lock can mean the difference between enjoying your motorcycle or scooter for years to come and coming out one day to find that it has been stolen to be torn down for parts.

Is it worth buying a lock for your motorcycle or scooter?

Yes, motorcycle locks significantly reduce the risk of theft of your motorcycle or scooter. Some insurance companies will even give you a reduced rate when buying a motorcycle lock.

FACT: Motorcycles secured with a lock are 3 times less likely to be stolen.

There are so many motorcycle locks and scooter locks on the market these days that it’s understandable that people don’t know what to buy.

This is why we have put together this article. It takes you through the different locks you can get. From the basic disc lock to chain locks and more.

We have created a section on motorcycle security that explains the different levels of security for your motorcycle so that you can choose the right lock and security products for your needs.

Disc Locks

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Disc locks are a great starting option for motorcycle or scooter security. They immobilize the bike without being too difficult to use. They range in size and options and there are many models for sale.

Be careful when buying a disc lock as the majority of motorcycle and scooter locks are made of zinc, and while zinc is light it is not very strong and thieves will make short work of them with basic hand tools to steal your bike. All the disc locks we have listed here are high quality and extremely difficult to remove.

Using a disc lock: Disc locks go through the brake disc of one of the wheels of your scooter or motorcycle to immobilize it. It can be fitted to the front or the rear wheel but we recommend fitting it to the rear wheel as this is much harder to bypass for thieves that sometimes carry spare front wheels.

Abus Granit 68 III Victory X-Plus

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The Abus Granite 68 is a funny little lock that is extremely strong due to how simple it is. You insert the pin half into the disc rotor of your motorcycle and lock it up.

It is then extremely resilient and hard to remove even with power tools because the shackle of the lock is protected in the center and the two halves of the lock rotate. Making it very hard to cut or break.

Alternatively, instead of using this as a disc lock, it can be used to lock a chain with passthrough links. So you could have a large chain at home you secure your bike with then when you are out and about it can simply be used as a disc lock. The only limit to this is that it can only be a chain lock or a disc lock not both at the same time.

Note: You can get a “memory cable” with this lock so that you don’t forget to remove it before riding away and we highly recommend it!


  • Very small and easy to use
  • Very secure and difficult to remove
  • Can be used on any motorcycle or scooter with disc brakes
  • Angle grinder resistant
  • Can be used to lock a chain
  • Great pick resistance


  • When used as a disc lock can not be used with a chain
  • Not suitable for motorbikes with drum brakes


Weight0.8kgs (1.76lbs)
Lock CoreXPlus Disc Detainer
MaterialsHardened Steel
Shackle Thickness14 mm


lockjudge best locks 5 stars reddit lock picking brown belt sold secure diamond art bike lock rating 4 stars lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

Abus Granit Sledg 77

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The Abus Granit Sledg 77 is a robust and innovative lock. It has a shackle that slides into the lock without turning meaning that if you mount it correctly it will

With its hardened steel body and shackle, it resists all but the best cutting and drilling attempts. But to ensure the best security you will need to make sure you installed the lock the correct way so that an angle grinder can not cut the shackle from the outside.


  • All Hardened steel
  • Easy to use
  • Good angle grinder resistance depending on placement
  • The small size will fit under the seat of most motorcycles and scooters
  • Highly visible colored rubber coating


  • Can not be used with a chain


Weight0.78kgs (1.7lbs)
Lock CoreX-plus Disc Detainer Core
Materials5mm Hardened steel body
Shackle Thickness13 mm


lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold reddit lock picking brown belt art bike lock rating 4 stars lockpickinglawyer recommended lock


LITELOK X3 strongest bike lock

If you live in a high-crime area and want an angle grinder-resistant motorcycle lock then this is the lock for you.

It’s made of a special ceramic alloy that breaks angle grinder cutting discs and is too hard to cut with a set of bolt cutters.

The one downside of this lock is that it will be hard to find something strong enough to attach it to.


  • One of the strongest motorcycle locks available
  • Sold Secure diamond certified
  • Angle grinder-resistant bike lock
  • Twist and break resistant
  • Can be combined with a chain


  • Very expensive
  • Can be hard to use with a motorcycle


Weight2.1kgs, 4.6lbs
MaterialsShackle (Barronium™), Body (hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel)
Shackle Thickness19mm


lockjudge best locks 5 stars sold secure diamond reddit lock picking black belt

Oxford Boss

lock noob


  • Alarmed lock
  • Can be used with a chain
  • Brute force resistant
  • Very loud alarm 100 dB


  • The alarm speaker can be covered to hide sound too easily
  • Batteries are LR44-type button cells


Weight0.9kgs (2lbs)
Lock CoreDisc Detainer
MaterialsAlloy Steel
Shackle Thickness14mm


lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold art bike lock rating 4 stars lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

The LITELOC X3 MOTO is one of the few locks on the market that is specifically designed to protect from Angle grinder attacks. These locks are still rather new and there are not many of them on the market these days.

If you think you need a lock that will keep your scooter or motorcycle secure in the case of a thief using an angle grinder then we have a full article about them.

Chain Locks

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Chain locks take securing your scooter or motorcycle to the next level. While a disc lock is great for immobilizing it many scooters and smaller bikes are simply put in the back of a van or on a truck and taken away. This is why using a chain lock is so effective.

Chain locks can come in different types but many of them lock through the wheel, frame, or disc. Then around an anchor point like a power pole.

Using a Chain lock: Wrap the chain lock around as much of the bike as you can, pass it through the frame, and place the lock on the spokes of the wheel or the brake disc.

Pro Tip: When using a chain for security try to keep the chain up off the ground. This is because it will be easier to cut or break a chain against the ground. If the chain is suspended in the air a thief will have nothing to brace or hit the chain against making it much harder to defeat.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Disc Lock & 1415 Chain

lock noob

A well-known brand and great quality lock is this Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit. Reliable, good security, good pick resistance, and overall good lock.

This is a great option if you have some extra storage space and want a good level of security for keeping your motorcycle or scooter secure overnight.

There are only two downsides to this lock. The first is its size, many scooters and sports bikes will not have enough space to transport this lock unless you carry it in a backpack.

The second is that it has no specific resistance to an angle grinder so if you know these are used in your area and you have a motorcycle thief who will target maybe you will want something specifically designed with this attack in mind.


  • Disc lock and chain in one package
  • Long-lasting Kryptonite reliability
  • $1500 insurance from Kryptonite


  • Very heavy and bulky to carry
  • Can be difficult to use due to its size
  • Not resistant to an angle grinder


Weight6.9kgs (15.25lbs)
Lock CoreDisc Detainer
MaterialsShackle: Hardened steel
Shackle ThicknessShackle: 15 mm
Chain: 14 mm


lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold reddit lock picking blue belt art bike lock rating 4 stars lockpickinglawyer recommended lock


lock noob

Unlike any other lock on this list and technically a cable lock, not a chain lock. But it has security compatible with a chain and is more secure in some ways than a chain.

If you are looking for a lock to keep your motorcycle or scooter safe at night or for long periods then this may not be the best option but for daytime security to stop all but a very determined thief this one is the way to go.

The LITELOCK Core Moto wins in its usability and portability. It is so easy to use and handle, unlike a chain. It’s effortless to attach to your bike’s seat for moving around.

Overall for daily use, easy to transport a motorcycle or scooter lock we like this one, despite it not having great resistance to an angle grinder.


  • Very easy to use
  • Very soft outer coating to protect your bike
  • Brute force resistant
  • Easy to transport


  • Will not resist an angle grinder


Weight1.9kgs (4.2lbs)
Lock CoreDisc Detainer
MaterialsHigh tensile steel core with steel sheath
Shackle ThicknessUnknown


lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold art bike lock rating 3 stars

Oxford Beast

lock noob

The Oxford Beast lock is a true beast when it comes to motorcycle security.

Made with hardened steel, it laughs in the face of cutting, prying, and drilling attempts. When the answer to security is more steel the beast is the way to go.

With an included chain, you can anchor your bike to immovable objects for added protection. Rain or shine, the Oxford Beast lock resists rust and corrosion. It’s a small investment for top-notch security. Ride with confidence, knowing your motorcycle is protected by the mighty Oxford Beast.

The main issue with this lock is its size, unless you have some way of carrying this on your bike and want to deal with the bulk and weight of it this will end up being a lock you leave at home where you will lock up your motorcycle overnight.

This is fine if that’s what you are looking for but it’s not a very portable security system.

There is also an Oxford Beast floor lock version that you can bolt to the floor for added security.


  • One of the strongest locks on this list
  • The chain will always be the weak point as this lock is so much stronger than any chain


  • Very heavy!
  • Not really a portable lock


Weight3.6 kgs (8 lbs)
Lock CoreDisc Detainer
MaterialsShackle: Hardened steel
Shackle ThicknessShackle: 15 mm
Chain: 14 mm


lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold art bike lock rating 4 stars lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

OKG Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain Lock

lock noob

Reviewed by the LockPickingLawer in his video #1178. We came to the same conclusion that while cheap this is a good option for a motorcycle.

It is a reasonably sized 12mm chain that has a noose end on it. This makes the chain effectively longer than a standard chain as it doesn’t need to be doubled up to the lock. This also allows the whole package to be lighter than it otherwise would be.

It has some great security features that make this really a good lock, the fact that the shackle is double locked is great to see and that it uses a disc detainer core is great for security. Even though the core is not super pick resistant its is sufficient for the street.


  • Good level of security for the price
  • Disc lock and chain in one package
  • Small and light for a chain and lock of this size


  • Not as secure as some other larger locks


Weight3.6kgs (8lbs)
Lock CoreDisc Detainer
MaterialsShackle: Hardened steel
Shackle ThicknessShackle: 15 mm
Chain: 12 mm


lockjudge best locks 4 stars sold secure gold lockpickinglawyer recommended lock

Junk Locks

There are a significant number of locks for sale online that are simply junk. They can be beaten off quick

Masterlock Model 8304DPS

lock noob

Failure: Weak material used for the body of the lock.

TriMax Motorcycle Disc Lock

lock noob

Failure: Weak material used for the body of the lock.

Oxford Titan Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

lock noob

Failure: Weak material used for the body of the lock.

Abus Buffo/Provogue 305 Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

lock noob

Failure: Weak material used for the body of the lock.

OnGuard Boxer Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock 

lock noob

Failure: Can be shimmed open with a simple tool in seconds.

Keeping your Motorcycle Secure

To secure your motorcycle or scooter there are so many options out there it can get very confusing. So taking some inspiration from the Met Police we have put together this list of levels of security that you can aim for. Each building on the security level of the last.

Motorcycle Security Level 1: Make it Hard to Move

The first and most obvious step to securing your motorbike is to make sure you always engage the steering lock built into the bike. You can also use a handlebar lock to stop anyone from using the controls easily.

A disc lock will make it impossible for someone to ride or roll away from your bike. This makes it much harder as they will need to carry the bike or somehow lift it.

This can be achieved quite easily with a simple disc lock or a u lock through the motorcycle’s wheel. It is also the cheapest option and can be very easy to carry in the case of the Roudlock above.

Taking this to the next level would be to get an alarmed lock. An alarmed lock will draw attention to a thief trying to cut the lock or move the bike. But the effectiveness of alarms is debatable depending on the location.

Motorcycle Security Level 2: Lock it Down

After simply making it hard to move the bike the next level of security is to actually attach it to a fixed point with a chain and lock that will stop anyone being able to pick up the bike to move it.

This stops thieves that have a van or truck from taking your bike even though they can not roll it. Many locks will serve both of these functions by going through the wheel of the motorcycle and having a chain attached to them.

This level of security forces a thief to cut the lock or chain meaning they need tools and need to spend time where the motorcycle is secured to remove it.

If you are unable to chain the motorcycle to a strong fixed object then passing the chain through the frame and wheels of the bike will still cause more difficulty for a thief.

Pro Tip: Use more than one lock. This makes theft much more complicated.

Motorcycle Security Level 3: Track and Cover

A GPS tracker can be a great addition to improve the security of your scooter or motorbike but you must make sure the tracker is not placed in an obvious position like under the seat. Thieves are familiar with trackers and will simply remove them and throw them away so they must be hidden as well as possible.

Covering your bike with a simple bike cover can help too especially if it is a rare or special model of bike as these are often targeted as they will fetch a higher price when sold later.

Buy The Best You Can Afford

A good quality lock will last you a very long time and will live through several motorcycles. Once you have your security system it will last through your next bike, and the next one, and the next one. So it’s worth investing in some good quality security now.

Our Methodology

We pride ourselves here at LockJudge on our thorough research in finding the most secure locks on the market. This means we look for locks that have all of the below strengths.

  • Good resistance to lockpicking and no known bypasses.
  • High physical resistance to common attacks, cutting, breaking, and bending.
  • Manufacturers with good reputations.

What we do not consider.

  • Price: While this is important and the locks we recommend range in price, we believe the lock should be secure first, and the price should come second in importance.
  • Number of Sales: Many other ‘Best Locks” articles purely use top-selling locks as their metrics we believe this is inherently flawed, so we choose locks based purely on the lock, not how many units have been sold.


We hope this list of motorcycle locks has helped you find the right security that you are looking for.

We strive to put together lists that contain the best possible locks that you can find on the market so that when you invest in a quality lock it will serve you for a long time to come.

If you found this article helpful and informative please share it with others that will also get some benefit from it.

You can also leave us a comment below with your thoughts and findings.

Happy riding!

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